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(Note: G& B means the work is cited in the annotated bibliography found in the 2nd edition of Grinspoon & Bakalar, Psychedelic Drugs Reconsidered (1981).

AARONSON, Bernard & OSMOND, Humphry (eds). PSYCHEDELICS:THE USES AND IMPLICATIONS OF PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS. NY: Doubleday/ Anchor [1970]. Small thick trade pb, 512pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed., 2nd Issue (PBO). The most comprehensive anthology on the subject, with more than 30 major researchers contributing. NF. G&B $30
---- 1st Ed., 2nd issue. VG. $20

ABERLE, David F. THE PEYOTE RELIGION AMONG THE NAVAHO NY: Viking Fund, 1966. Small 4to, 414pp, 16pp photo insert documenting a peyote meeting, maps, diagrams, charts, printed wraps. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue ("Subscriber's Edition"). "The best single work on all aspects of the peyote religion" Fore-edges lightly foxed, else VF. G&B $100

ABERLE & STEWART, Omer C. NAVAHO & UTE PEYOTISM: A CHRONOLOGICAL & DISTRIBUTIONAL STUDY. Boulder: U. Colorado Press, 1957. 129pp, ptd. wraps. *** 1st Ed., stamped "Compliments of the Author." Two of the most important peyote anthropologists trace the transmission of the cult from the Dakota to the Ute to the Navaho. "The first account of the Navaho cult's history to appear in print." $65

ABRAMSON, HAROLD (ed.) THE USE OF LSD IN PSYCHOTHERAPY NY: Macy Foundation [1960]. 304pp, 24 text-figs., 2 fldg. tables. cloth. *** 1st Ed. Transactions of a Conference on LSD-25, Princeton. April 1959. This was the first international conference on the subject of LSD psychotherapy, and "perhaps the most important gathering of LSD researchers to date" (Acid Dreams). CIA-backed researchers pushing the "psychotomimetic model" clashed with independent researchers pursuing the "psychedelic model" in panel discussions following presentation of papers. Participants included Cohen. Ditman, Sandison, Savage, Eisner, Hoffer, Bateson, West, Hoch and Abramson. Gilt spine lettering dulled. G&B. $100

ALLEGRO, John M. THE SACRED MUSHROOM & THE CROSS. London: Hodder & Stoughton [1970]. 349pp, 2 colorplates, black leather. *** 1st Ed. One of the most controversial works of our time, asserting through linguistic evidence that the original followers of Christ were a cult of Amanita muscaria mushroom eaters. Lacks dust jacket. G&B. $30
-----1st US Ed. with additional plate. VF in price-clipped d/j. $75

(ANESTHESIA) MONTAGNE, Michael & STALLINGS, Shirley. FROM POPULAR ENTERTAINMENT TO MEDICAL REVELATION: A Chronicle of Anesthesia in New England. Boston: Pharmakos Press, 1994. 32pp, illus, wraps, spiral-bound. *** 1st Ed., ltd. to 350 copies. $10

ANVIL, J. M. ...FREEBASE COCAINE... N.p.: World's Fair Pub. Co. n.d. [c. 1980] 20pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. The full title is: "Everything You'll Ever Need to Know about Freebase Cocaine the Greatest Thing Since Sex". A very personal account. Scarce: very few books exist on the subject. $30

(AYAHUASCA) MATTHIESSEN, Peter. THE CLOUD FOREST: A CHRONICLE OF THE SOUTH AMERICAN WILDERNESS. NY: Viking, 1961. 280pp, 24 pp of photos, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Contains a short but significant one-page account of his initial experience with ayahuasca, and how he turned over his supply to Allen Ginsberg; also mentions Burroughs (Yage Letters was not published until the following year). The author went into the subject of ayahuasca more deeply in his later novel, At Play in the Fields of the Lord. Jacket worn, especially along the edges, but entirely intact. $25

(AYAHUASCA) MENDELSOHN, Jack. THE FOREST CALLS BACK. Boston: Little, Brown [1965]. 267pp, 34 photos (many full-page), endpaper maps, boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed., signed by Theodor Binder, the subject of the book. Dr. Binder, a refugee from the Nazis and disciple of Schweitzer, practiced medicine among the indigenous peoples of Peru. One chapter deals with the ayahuasca ritual of the local medicine man, and includes two photos of him under the effects. $40

BARR, Harriet L. & LANGS, ROBERT J. LSD: PERSONALITY & EXPERIENCE. NY: Wiley-Interscience [1972]. 245pp, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. "The first comprehensive treatment of the role of personality in LSD reactions and the effects of LSD on personality functioning" (jacket). G&B. $40

BARBER, Theodore X. LSD, MARIHUANA, YOGA AND HYPNOSIS. Chicago: Aldine [1970]. 337pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. "An original explanation of the psychological and physiological effects of the major [and] minor psychedelic drugs" (jacket). Extensive bibliographies. Bookplate of the NY Psychoanalytic Institute, card holder on back endpaper, but a near fine copy. $45

BENITEZ, Fernando. IN THE MAGIC LAND OF PEYOTE. Intro. Peter Furst. Austin: U. Texas Press [1975]. 198pp, 32pp of photos, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Superb account of the Huichol peyote pilgrimage and ritual, by one of the first non-Indians to have gone on the hunt. G&B. $75

(BETEL NUT) BERAN, Harry. BETEL-CHEWING EQUIPMENT OF EAST NEW GUINEA. Aylesbury, UK: Shire Ethnography [1989]. 12mo, 72pp. containing 92 photographs, illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed. Scholarly account of betel paraphernalia, includes material on social context. $30

BRADEN, William. THE PRIVATE SEA: LSD AND THE SEARCH FOR GOD. Chicago: Quadrangle [1967]. 255pp, half cloth, d/j (price-clipped). *** 1st Ed.. The first full-length study of the impact of psychedelic drugs on modern theology. Cover blurb by Albert Hofmann. G&B. $45

BRANT, Charles S. "Peyotism Among the Kiowa-Apache and Neighboring Tribes." 12pp, wraps. *** 1st Separate Ptg., inscribed by the author. Reprinted from Southwestern J. Anthrop. (1950). LaBarre, p. 209. $25

BRIZEL, Scott. ACID BEAT PRESENTS THE PSYCHEDELIC GLOSSARY. N.p. [San Francisco]: The Author, 1986. 32pp from manuscript, with illustrations, wrappers, stapled. *** 1st Ed. Over 50 terms and concepts pertaining to the psychedelic experience and '60s underground culture are defined. Many idiosyncratic, but always provocative and sometimes classic. A rare, self-published work by an author otherwise unknown. Original flyer included. $100

CALDWELL, W. W. LSD PSYCHOTHERAPY: AN EXPLORATION OF PSYCHEDELIC & PSYCHOLYTIC THERAPY. NY: Grove [1968]. 329pp, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. A history of psychedelic therapy as well as case histories; includes an annotated bibliography of 200 items. G&B. $100
----- 1st Trade PB Ed. Grove Press, 1969. $50

CASHMAN, John. THE LSD STORY. Greenwich CT: Fawcett [1966]. Small pb, 128pp.. *** 1st Ed. (PB Orig.) Well-researched if popular account of "the drug that expands the mind," published in the year LSD truly became a "household word." $20

(CASTENADA SCHOLARSHIP). A group of works evaluating the "don Juan": series of books by Carlos Castenada.

(1) DE MILLE, Richard. THE DON JUAN PAPERS: FURTHER CASTENADA CONTROVERSIES. Santa Barbara: Ross-Erikson, 1980. 519pp, a few illus.., wraps. *** 1st Ed. De Mille mounted the strongest challenge to Castenada's methods and started the backlash. $25

(2) NOEL, Daniel. SEEING CASTENADA: REACTIONS TO THE "DON JUAN" WRITINGS. NY: Putnam [1976]. 250pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. $20

(3) SILVERMAN, David. READING CASTENADA: A PROLOGUE TO THE SOCIAL SCIENCES. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul [1975]. 113pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed., Trade PB Issue. $15

(4) FIKES, Jay Courtney. CARLOS CASTENADA, ACADEMIC OPPORTUNISM & THE PSYCHEDELIC SIXTIES. Victoria, BC: Millennia Press, 1993. 285pp, 4 color and 7 b&w plates, stiff wraps. *** 1st Ed. Thorough examination of the Castenada controversy and his negative impact on Native American religion. $25

(CHAMBERLAIN, Claude William). "Magic Land of Mescalin" in Fate (1956). *** 1st (& only) Ptg. Superb early account of mescalin's effects, with Dali-esque cover art pertaining to the story. Foot of spine chipped. $35

CLARIDGE, Gordon. DRUGS AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR. London: Allen Lane/ Penguin Press [1970]. 266pp, drawings and charts, wraps. *** 1st PB Ed. Written from a scientific perspective, with much on psychedelics, including a chapter on LSD. $15

CLARK, Fay M. BEYOND THE LIGHT. NY: Vantage Press [1958]. 80pp, cloth, d/j (spine faded). *** 1st Ed. Little-known metaphysical work, which includes a section on the author's experiments with mescaline in a quest for religious experience. $45

COHEN, Daniel. DREAMS VISIONS, & DRUGS: A SEARCH FOR OTHER REALITIES. NY: New Viewpoints, 1976. 8vo, 138pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Survey of various methods of altering consciousness. $30
----- 1st PB Ed. (1977) $15

(COMPUTERS & DRUGS). "The Computers that said 'No' to Drugs!" Ft. Worth: Tandy Corp// Radio Shack, 1985. *** 2nd Printing of a color comic book giveaway from Radio Shack stores. The "Whiz Kids," Alec and Shanna, break up a drug smuggling ring with the help of their Tandy PC. $20

CONTROLLING BEHAVIOR THROUGH DRUGS. Papers prepared for the Institute Conference on Behavior Control through Drugs, May 1972. . NY: Hastings Center, 1974. 112pp, wraps. *** 1st Separate Ptg. Papers by Gerald Klerman, Robert Veatch, Louis Jolyon West and Paul Wender on the ethical issues of social and therapeutic drug use in American society. Scarce. $25

COOPER, David. THE GRAMMAR OF LIVING: AN EXAMINATION OF POLITICAL ACTS. London: Allen Lane [1974]. 8vo, 151pp, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Remarkable collection of philosophical essays on LSD, orgasm, anti-psychiatry and other revolutionary perspectives by an associate of R. D. Laing. $35

COOPER, Richard. A GUIDE TO BRITISH PSILOCYBIN MUSHROOMS. [London]: Hassle Free Press [1978]. [London]: 2nd Ed., expanded to 32pp, with 4 color plates and Liberty Cap centerfold. The first psilocybin mushroom guide published in the U.K. Very scarce: only 3000 printed. $40
-----. [London]: Red Shift Books [1980]. *** 3rd Ed., revised & corrected. $30

COPLEY, Bernard. HALLUCINOGENIC DRUGS AND THEIR APPLICATION TO EXTRA-SENSORY PERCEPTION. [Joshua Tree, CA]: Hypnosophic Institute, 1962 . 48pp, textured wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed. A summary of the author's 100 experiments with LSD, mescaline, psilocybin, peyote and DMT. Copley was one of the earliest psychedelic drug martyrs, dying in a Missouri prison after receiving a long sentence for LSD distribution even before the drug became illegal. $100

[CROWLEY]. REGARDIE, Israel. ROLL AWAY THE STONE. An Introduction to Aleister Crowley's essays on the psychology of hashish. 75pp, ptd. wraps. *** 1st Ptg. of Regardie's important essay--the first to discuss Crowley's drug writings--which served as the introduction to Regardie's book of the same title published one year later. The essay makes up the entire contents of Pentagram, a British journal (Autumn 1967). Fine. $40


[DAVIS, Adelle]. EXPLORING INNER SPACE: PERSONAL EXPERIENCES UNDER LSD-25. By Jane Dunlap. NY: Harcourt, Brace & World [1961]. 216pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed, inscribed by the author as "Jane alias Adelle." The second book dealing with LSD psychotherapy, and the first by a woman. The famed nutritionist had five sessions in 1959. Tiny stain at fore-edge of title, else fine. $200
-----. Another copy in worn and soiled jacket. $20

DEBOLD, RICHARD & LEAF, RUSSELL (eds.). LSD, MAN & SOCIETY. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan U Pr, [1968]. 219pp, wraps. *** 1st Trade PB ed. Talks given at a 1967 LSD symposium at Wesleyan Includes Pahnke ("LSD and Religious Experience"), Kurland (therapeutic potential) and Barron (motivational patterns of use). G&B. Price rubbed out, a little wear to covers. $35

DE ROPP, Robert S. DRUGS AND THE MIND. Foreword by Nathan Kline. NY: St. Martin's [1957]. 310pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of the best historical survey of the subject published during the 1950s. Very scarce in hardback. $50
-----. London: Scientific Book Club [1957]. Boards, dust jacket (lightly worn and soiled on back panel, but with remarkable cover art by Eric Fraser. *** 1st UK Ed. $25
-----. NY: St. Martin's Press [1976]. 292pp, cloth, d/j. *** 2nd Revised Ed. Includes a new chapter on LSD. $25

DOBKIN DE RIOS, Marlene Dobkin. VISIONARY VINE: Psychedelic Healing in the Peruvian Amazon. SF: Chandler [1972]. 161pp, map, photos and 7 visionary drawings by Yando, the author's husband. One of the important works of psychedelic anthropology, and the first book on ayahuasca since The Yage Letters. $75

DOBKIN DE RIOS. HALLUCINOGENS: CROSS-CULTURAL PERSPECTIVES. Albuquerque: U. New Mexico Press [1984]. 255pp, 30 text-figures, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Survey of the use of plant hallucinogens in 11 indigenous societies. $40

DO IT NOW FOUNDATION. GRYPHON'S GUIDE TO OVERDOSE AID. [Kalamazoo: Gryphon Place, 1975]. 40pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Signs, symptoms & emergency treatment for street drug ODs, published by the legendary "Institute for Chemical Survival." A few slight cover stains. $15


[DRAKE, William] THE CULTIVATOR'S HANDBOOK OF MARIJUANA. N.p.: The Tribe of Thumb, n.d. [c. 1970]. Oblong 8vo, 100 unnumbered pp. illus, with drawings, old engravings, underground cartoons, illus. wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed. Rare. This is the first copy we've seen of the true first edition of Drake's popular work, anonymously published in a completely different format than the relatively common "revised first edition" published in Oregon in 1970. A few stains to the back wrapper. $50

DUSTIN, C. Burton. PEYOTISM AND NEW MEXICO. Albuquerque: Privately Printed, 1962. 51pp, 12 full-page photos of a peyote meeting, blue wraps. illus. by Kiowa artist Al Momaday. *** 2nd Ed. Brief history of the peyote religion, with a photo-essay documenting the first Canadian peyote ritual in which white men participated: Humphry Osmond (pictured), Abram Hoffer, and Duncan Blewett, psychedelic researchers from the U. of Saskatchewan. $60

EMBODEN, William. BIZARRE PLANTS: MAGICAL, MONSTROUS, MYTHICAL. NY: Macmillan [1974]. 8vo, 214pp, a large number of rare and strange b&w plates, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Recounts facts, superstitions and legends surrounding plants with fantastic, sometimes psychoactive, properties. $50

ETC.:A REVIEW OF GENERAL SEMANTICS. Special Issue on the Psychedelic Experience. Dec. 1965. *** Original Appearances of papers by Leary, Osmond, Mogar, Krippner, McGlothlin, Savage, Harman, Marsh, et al. An important compilation in small format. $35
-----. Anr copy. Covers lightly creased. $25

EXPLORATIONS, no. 2 (1965). Special Issue on Psychedelic Drugs, with interviews with Stolaroff, Mogar, Barron, and Aiken, and an article by Paul Kurtz on the value of using psychedelic drugs for "kicks." Stain in margin of front cover. $30

FARBER, Seymour & WILSON, Roger (eds.). CONTROL OF THE MIND. A Symposium entitled "Man and Civilization" held at UC-San Francisco, Jan 28-30, 1961. NY: McGraw-Hill, 1961. 12mo, 340pp, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed., HB Issue. Huxley spoke on "Human Potentialities," Koestler on creativity; the conference also featured a section on "The Influence of Drugs on the Individual," with papers by Kety, Miller and Cole. Small tape-repair to edge of jacket spine. $40
----- 1st Trade Ed., PB Issue. $25

FEATHERSTONE, R. M. & SIMON, A.(eds) A PHARMACOLOGIC APPROACH TO THE STUDY OF THE MIND. Springfield: Thomas [1959]. 399pp, 6pp of photos, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of the research papers presented at this important symposium held at UCSF. Aldous Huxley was the keynote speaker; Sidney Cohen spoke on LSD psychotherapy, and Gordon Alles gave the first report of the effects of MDA. $100

GARTZ, Jochem. MAGIC MUSHROOMS AROUND THE WORLD. A Scientific Journey Across Cultures and Time. The Case for Challenging Research and Value Systems. LA: LIS Publications [1996]. 4to, 136pp, 72 illustrations, many in color, wraps. *** 1st Ed. in English, translated from the German by Claudia Taake. Huge bibliography of 350 items. This authoritative work by an internationally renowned scholar won high praise from Hofmann, Shulgin, Ott and McKenna. $35
-----NARREN SCHWAMME. [Basel: Heuwinkel. 1993]. 1st Ed. 4to, 20 tipped-in colorplates, boards of psychedelic design incorporating psilocybin mushroom. Front hinge slightly cracked at upper edge. $75

GILLIE, Ann. THE CHEMISTRY AND SOCIOLOGY OF LSD. Chicago: Naturalism, Inc., 1966. 8pp, self-wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed. Positive summary of the chemistry, effects, and social and religious impact of LSD. A rare piece of LSD ephemera. $50

GOTZ, Ignacio L. THE PSYCHEDELIC TEACHER: DRUGS, MYSTICISM, AND SCHOOLS. Phila: Westminster Press [1972]. 154pp, wraps. *** 1st Trade PB Ed. A little-known and uniquely important work on the religious significance of psychedelic drugs, and how to train teachers to show students their constructive use. One of the scarcest books in the field; we have never seen the hardback ed. $100

"GRACIE & ZARKOV." NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND: A "GRACIE AND ZARKOV" READER. Vol. 1. N.p. [Berkeley]: Gracie & Zarkov Prods., 1985. 48 8-1/2 x 11 inch sheets photocopied and stapled. *** "Preliminary Edition," consisting of 6 unpublished papers (1983-1985) and three stated to be forthcoming. Later versions were spiral bound. The authors personally experimented with large doses of DMT, 2-CB, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, syrian rue, yage and passion flower--sometimes taken in combination. This self-published version was never published in book form; nonetheless, the authors are highly respected for their experimental research. Rare. $175

(GROF, Stanislav) "Multidimensional Approach to the Psychopharmacological Experiment" in Psychopharmacological Methods. ed. Votava, Horvath & Vinar. NY: Macmillan, 1963. 360pp, text-illus., cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. (or 1st Ed. in English?) of the Proceedings of a Symposium on the Effects of Psychotropic Drugs on Higher Nervous Activity held in Prague, 30 Oct-2 Nov. 1961. All the papers are in English, and a number of them contain references to research with psychedelic drugs including the paper named above on which Grof is listed as fifth co-author. At this time the famed LSD researcher was with the Psychiatric Research Institute of Prague; this could very well be his first published paper. It is well-known that Prague before the abortive 1968 uprising was one of the world centers for LSD research. $75

GROF. REALMS OF THE HUMAN UNCONSCIOUS: Observations from LSD Research. NY: Viking [1975]. 8vo, 257pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., signed by the author. Author's first book after years of research in Czechoslovakia and the U.S. "Probably the most important single book on psychedelic experience" (G&B). Short closed tear in jacket. $100

GROF & HALIFAX, Joan. THE HUMAN ENCOUNTER WITH DEATH. Foreword by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. NY: Dutton [1977]. 12mo, 240pp., wraps. *** 1st Ed., PB Issue. The most important work on the value of LSD for the dying. Fine. $50


GROF. PRINCIPLES OF LSD PSYCHOTHERAPY. 470pp photocopy from typescript, bound in a full leather. Very large thick quarto. *** Pre-publication state of Grof's classic work, LSD Psychotherapy (1980). A small number of copies (said to be fewer than ten) were photocopied from the author's typescript and distributed to participants at his Esalen seminar. $300

-----. LSD PSYCHOTHERAPY. [Pomona CA: Hunter House [1980]. 352pp, 30 color plates, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. "Definitive work on LSD therapy" by "the world's foremost psychedelic researcher" (Krippner). $85

------. EAST AND WEST: ANCIENT WISDOM AND MODERN SCIENCE. SF: Briggs [1985]. 27pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. in book form of this short monograph, with 3pp. on the role of psychedelic drugs. $15

HARNER, Michael. THE JIVARO: PEOPLE OF THE SACRED WATERFALLS. NY: Natural History Press [1972]. 12mo, 233pp, 16pp of plates, cloth, dust jacket (price-clipped). *** 1st Ed.. Much on the hallucinogenic drink natema (yage), with photos pertaining, and its importance to tribal culture. $45

HARNER (ed.). HALLUCINOGENS AND SHAMANISM. NY: Oxford U. Press, 1973. 12mo, 200pp, photo-illus., wraps. *** 1st Ed., Trade PB Issue, Review Copy with slip laid in. With contributions from Naranjo, Dobkin de Rios, Siskind, and Henry Munn. Orange spine faded as usual, else VF. $50

HARNER. THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN: A Guide to Power and Healing. SF: Harper & Row [1980]. 167pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. One of the most important guidebooks on the shamanic arts, with much on the use of psychotropic plants. G&B. Fine. $50

[HEARD, Gerald] "Can This Drug Enlarge Man's Mind?" in Horizon (1963). Folio, illus. cloth. *** 1st Ptg. of this article about "a new chemical called LSD with phenomenal powers," by Aldous Huxley's philosopher-friend and sometime trip-partner. $20


HEIM, Roger & WASSON, R. Gordon. LES CHAMPIGNONS HALLUCINOGENES DU MEXIQUE. Etudes Ethnologiques, Taxinomiques, Biologiques, Physiologiques et Chimiques. With the collaboration of Albert Hofmann et al.
Together with:
HEIM. NOUVELLES INVESTIGATIONS SUR LES CHAMPIGNONS HALLUCINOGENES. With Wasson et al. Paris: Editions du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 1958-1967. 2 vols, complete. Large 4to, 322pp, 36pp, of plates following text (17 are in color), 61 text-illus (14 hand-colored), 3 maps + 218pp. 12pp. of plates (6 in color), and 34 text-illus. (5 in color), map. Stiff printed wrappers. *** 1st (& Only) Edition, 1st Issue in journal format of the most elaborate and detailed study of psilocybin mushrooms ever published. Produced by a team of experts, including the three greatest names in the field, this work covers virtually every aspect of the subject. Complete sets are difficult to find, as the second volume followed the first by a decade. $650

(HELLEBERG, Marilyn Morgan) "The LSD Experience and Religious Mysticism" in Ante (Fall 1967). 1st Ptg. Many refs. to Leary and his League for Spiritual Discovery. Bit of paint splatter on front cover, o/w fine. A very scarce publication. $20

HENDERSON, Leigh A. & GLASS, William J. (eds.) LSD: STILL WITH US AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. NY: Lexington [1994]. 163pp, half cloth d/j. *** 1st Ed. A journalistic report on the resurgence of contemporary LSD use in the U.S. during the '80s and early '90s, emphasizing younger people. $25

HOHN, Reinhardt & PETERMANN, Johannes. CURIOSITIES OF THE PLANT KINGDOM. NY: Universe Books [1980]. Large 4to, 212pp, profusely illus. with photos of plants, some in color, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. in English, translated from German. Well-produced coffee-table book with a section on "Magic Plants--Witch Plants." $40

HOLLANDER, Charles (ed.). BACKGROUND PAPERS ON STUDENT DRUG INVOLVEMENT. Wash. DC: US Nat. Student Assn, 1967. 162pp, wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue . Partly a polemic against the government's crackdown on students using marijuana and LSD during the mid-1960s, and partly the proceedings of a symposium focusing mainly on LSD and featuring talks by Ginsberg (two papers, one a debate with the head of the FDA) , Alpert, McGlothlin et al., held in Washington DC, Nov. 1966. The Feds considered the Nat. Student Assn. a subversive group. $50
-----. 2nd Issue (1968). Wrappers (perfect bound). Small tear base of spine. $35

HOLMES, Oliver Wendell. MECHANISM IN THOUGHT AND MORALS. Boston: Osgood, 1871. Small 8vo, 101pp, gilt-lettered cloth. *** 1st Ed., 1st Printing. Famous speech on the brain and the mental processes involved in thought, given at Harvard in 1870. The eminent physician-novelist describes his own altered state experience ("I once inhaled a pretty full dose of ether...") which he compared to Humphry Davy's with nitrous oxide. Bib. Amer. Lit. 8876. VF. $150

HUXLEY, Aldous. HEAVEN AND HELL. NY: Harper [1956]. 103pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st U.S. Ed., signed by the author on the title-page. The author's famous essay on psychedelics, visionary experience and the world of art--the sequel to The Doors of Perception. Owner's name on endpaper, some very light pencil underlining in text, else fine. $450
"Visionary Experience." See under Leary.

(HUXLEY, A.) ALDOUS HUXLEY, 1894-1963. A Memorial Volume. Ed. Julian Huxley. NY: Harper & Row [1965]. 175pp, cloth, d/j (price-clipped). *** 1st U.S. Ed. Contributors include Huxley's colleagues in psychedelia--Gerald Heard, Christopher Isherwood, and Humphry Osmond (the first printing of his account of Aldous' initial mescaline experience, which he arranged). $45

HUXLEY, A. BRAVE NEW WORLD. Narrated by the Author. Pelican Records, 1979. *** Original radio broadcast from the CBS Radio Workshop, 1956. Liner notes by Ray Bradbury, recalling his interactions with Huxley, appear here for the first time. $50

[HUXLEY] RISHABHCHAND. "Religious Revival by Biochemical Means?" [cover title]: "An Approach from India to Perception through Peyote." 12mo, 26pp, ptd. wraps, stapled. *** 1st Separate Ptg., reprinted from Bhavan Journal (1960) from the author's original research. A detailed attack on the mystical claims Huxley made for mescalin by the Sri Aurobindo ashram. Underlining (fairly neat) on about 10 pages. $20

INGLIS, Brian. THE FORBIDDEN GAME: A Social History of Drugs. NY: Scribner's [1975]. 8vo, 256pp, boards, d/j. *** 1st U.S. Ed. One of the best general histories of drug use in different societies, the religious and political reasons for suppression, and the inevitable failure of prohibition. Evidence of tape removal on boards under jacket, which is price-clipped. $20

JAMES, William. MEMORIES AND STUDIES. NY: Longmans, Green, 1911. 411pp, cloth, paper spine label. *** 1st Ed. of this posthumous collection of essays and addresses. Of special interest is the first publication in book form of "The Pluralistic Mystic," dentist Benjamin Blood, whose nitrous oxide experiments induced James to follow in his steps and had a profound influence on his thought. Spine label rubbed with loss of a few letters, a few cover stains, inner front hinge weakened. $35

(KAVA) HOLMES, Lowell. "The Samoan Kava Ceremony: Its Form and Function," in Science of Man (Feb. 1961). 7pp, 9 text-figs & photos. *** 1st Ptg. The kava ceremony explained in detail. $20

KIRSCH, M[elanie] M. DESIGNER DRUGS. Minneapolis: CompCare Publications [1986]. 176pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. The first general survey of drugs that became known in the '80s as "designer drugs"--MDMA, crystal methamphetamine, crack, angel dust, China White, and MPTP. Publicity photo of author laid in. $35


(KLEPS) MILLBROOK. N. Troy, VT: Neo-American Church, 1975. 1st Ed. of the complete book, printed in tabloid format. On front cover is a full-page hand-drawn map of the famed Millbrook Estate where Leary's commune flourished (1964-67) before and after the infamous Liddy raid. The subtitle first appears here: "The True Story of the Early Years of the Psychedelic Revolution." A rare and extremely important document of the era. Evidence of old fold, slightly yellowed from age, a few minor chips and tears to first and last sheet but no loss of text. "Constantly entertaining...the definitive account of Millbrook" (G&B, p. 346). $250
-----. Oakland: Bench Press [1978] Illus. wraps. depicting Millbrook's Big House. *** 1st Trade PB. Slight curl, o/w fine. $40

KREIG, Margaret. GREEN MEDICINE: THE SEARCH FOR PLANTS THAT HEAL... Chicago: Rand, McNally [1964]. Thick 8vo, 463pp, 16pp of photos, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Includes an entire chapter on Richard E. Schultes, and another on Huxley, Hofmann and Wasson. Fine copy. $35

[KRIPPNER, Stanley]. "Research in Creativity and Psychedelic Drugs," in: Int. J. Clin. & Exp. Hypnosis (Oct. 1977). Also, Roland Fischer on the phenomenon of flashbacks and Erika Fromm on theories of ASC. $20

KUPFERBERG, Tuli (ed.). Birth, no. 3 (Pts. 1 & 2, complete). 2 vols, 1960. Special issue on "Stimulants: An Exhibition," filled with texts and illustrations concerning marijuana, peyote, LSD, opium, datura, nutmeg, belladonna, ether as well as coffee, tea and alcohol. Of special interest is the first appearance of Allen Ginsberg's 8pp account of his first peyote trip in 1952 (Dowden, p, 64; Morgan C129). $50

LAING, R. D. THE POLITICS OF EXPERIENCE. NY: Pantheon [1967]. 138pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st U. S. Ed. of the author's most famous work. One chapter appeared in Psychedelic Review, no. 6. Though he didn't write about it a great deal, LSD was one of Laing's major tools in his psychiatric work and provided him with rich insights. $50

LATIMER, Dean & GOLDBERG, Jeff. FLOWERS IN THE BLOOD: THE STORY OF OPIUM. Intro. William S. Burroughs. NY: Franklin Watts, 1981. 307pp, illustrations, boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Colorful account of the long and phenomenal history of opium, written by two High Times journalists. Portion of jacket a little wrinkled, else near fine. $45

LEARY, Timothy. MULTILEVEL MEASUREMENT OF INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOR: A MANUAL... Berkeley: Psychological Consultation Service, 1956. 4to, 110pp, diagrams including the Leary Circle. *** 1st Ed., 2nd state of binding, signed by the author at a later date. Written in conjunction with The Interpersonal Diagnosis of Personality (see next entry), this manual provides the clinical applications of its theories. These were the tests given to the author himself when he was imprisoned in 1970. Leary's second published work, preceded only by a co-authored play. Extremely fine copy of a rare work. Leary Bib. A2. $500


LEARY. "How to Change Behavior" and HUXLEY, Aldous. "Visionary Experience." [Cambridge, MA: IFIF, 1963]. 39pp, printed self-wraps, stapled. *** 2nd Separate Ptg., a reprint of the original offprint (Copenhagen, 1962), with "slight revision and expanded footnotes." Approximately 100 copies of this photo-offset reprint were printed for distribution to members of Leary & Alpert's International Federation for Internal Freedom. Wrappers faintly dust-soiled, a few tiny stains on blank back wrapper. Rare. Leary Bib. AA23d. $350

LEARY, LITTWIN, George METZNER, Ralph. "Reactions to Psilocybin Administered in a Supportive Environment." Offprinted from J. Nervous & Mental Disease (Dec. 1963). 13pp, self-wrappers, stapled. *** 1st Separate Ptg., signed by Metzner, one of a limited number of copies provided to the authors. "One of the key papers to come out of the Harvard Psilocybin Project, and the first study to examine the effects of psychedelic drugs given in a supportive setting" (Leary Bib. AA45). $175

LEARY; METZNER, Ralph; ALPERT, Richard. THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE. A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. New Hyde Park, NY: University Books [1964]. 4to, 159pp, illus. cloth. *** 1st Ed., 1st Ptg. (of 9 in cloth). One of the most important and influential works of the Psychedelic Era. Only 5,000 copies were printed. Light rubbing to edges, primarily at the head and foot of the spine, 4 lines neatly underlined on one page. $50

LEARY. PSYCHEDELIC PRAYERS AFTER THE TAO TE CHING. Kerhonkson, NY: Poets Press [1966]. [96]pp, pink wrappers. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue, written during a sojourn in India. Unusually fine copy of this fragile book. $135
-----. Berkeley: Ronin [1997]. 141pp, illustrated boards. *** Latest Ed., one of only 500 HB copies. Enlarged with additional prayers written later; some revisions to text; illustrations; and enhanced with introductions by colleague Ralph Metzner who was in India with Leary; the author's wife Rosemary who recited the poems at public events, and Leary archivist Michael Horowitz, who provides bibliographical data on the fascinating history of this book. All three have signed this copy. Signed by all three editors. $85
-----Trade PB Issue, signed by all three editors. $50

LEARY. THE POLITICS OF ECSTASY. London: MacGibbon & Kee [1970]. 301pp, purple boards w/ silver lettering, dust jacket designed by Australian psychedelic artist Martin Sharp. *** 1st UK Ed. of the first of Leary's books to be published in the U.K. A brilliant copy (except for owner's name neatly written on e.p.) and very scarce in hardcover. $125

(LEARY) Interview in Playboy, in three formats:
(1) original issue of magazine (Sept. 1966). $15
(2) offprint from magazine, extremely scarce. $65
(3) anthologized in Playboy Interviews (Chicago: Playboy Press, 1967); dust jacket has photo of Leary with other interviewees Malcolm X, M. L. King, Ringo Starr, Sinatra, Sartre, et al. (couple of chips and tape repair to jacket). $35
The famous (to many, infamous) interview in which Leary promoted LSD as an powerful enhancer of erotic experience.

(LEARY) "Languages: Energy Systems Sent and Received" in ETC. (Dec. 1965). Special Issue on the Psychedelic Experience. 16mo, wraps (worn). *** 1st (and only) appearance, inscribed by the author at a later date ("it's amazing re-reading this"). An important 30pp paper presenting a radical psychedelic view of language and art. $100

LEARY. START YOUR OWN RELIGION. [Millbrook, NY: Kriya Press, 1967]. Sm. 4to, 52pp, 20 photos, glossy psychedelic wrappers, stapled. *** 1st Ed, one of between 500 and 1,000 copies. A short work, but one of Leary's most revolutionary texts, with pages devoted to the newly formed League for Spiritual Discovery and photos of life at his Millbrook commune. Tiny spot at top of spine, small early ink price (50c) in corner of back cover, overall a fine copy of the author's rarest drug-related book. Leary Bib. A6. $500

LEARY. HIGH PRIEST. College Notes & Texts [1970]. *** 2nd Ed., inscribed by the author with reference to the 1991 edition . Leary's psychedelic autobiography, structured on 16 of the most significant LSD experiences he had in the '60s. Wrappers worn. $100
-----. Berkeley: Ronin Publishing [1995]. 379pp, illustrated cloth. *** Latest edition, limited to 500 copies signed by the author. One of the most attractively-produced of any of Leary's editions. $125

LEARY (ed.) THE PSYCHEDELIC READER. Ed. Gunther Weil, Ralph Metzner, Timothy Leary. Secaucus, NJ: Citadel [1973]. 260pp, wraps. *** 2nd Trade PB Ed., inscribed by Leary and signed by Metzner. The contents of the first four issues of Psychedelic Review. $100


[LEARY] "TIMOTHY LEARY FOR GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA. COME TOGETHER...JOIN THE PARTY!" Black light reflective color poster by Joe Roberts, Jr. measuring 28-1/2 x 20-1/2 inches. Leary was imprisoned without bail in April 1970 to prevent his running for governor against incumbent Ronald Reagan, so this poster was never distributed. "Come Together" refers to the John Lennon song originally written for Leary's campaign. Brilliant and striking, it is one of the rarest and most desireable of Leary posters. Thumbtack holes in margin corners, a few very small rough spots confined to the margins. Leary bibliography L38. $500

[LEARY] Photographic color facsimile of "Leary for Governor" poster (see previous item), used to promote the re-release of a Leary CD in the early '90s. Measures 12-1/2 x 9. Signed and dated by Leary in silver ink on his 72nd birthday (10-22-92). $100

[LEARY] Six full-color photographic facsimiles of the "Leary for Governor" poster (see previous entry) set in three rows of two across, each signed and dated by Leary in silver ink, archivally framed under plexiglas. A striking piece, with the duplication effect reminiscent of Warhol's celebrity portraits. $950


(LEARY). Custom photo prints of the original artwork used to illustrate Leary's last major collection of writings, Chaos and Cyber Culture (Ronin, 1994). Each print measures 11x14 inches and is signed in silver ink by Timothy Leary and the illustrator, Carolyn Ferris. The reproduction of the front cover ("Multimedia Tim") is in color; the others are glossy b&w prints and include portraits of William S. Burroughs, William Gibson, David Byrne, a group portrait of six writers who influenced Leary, and a number of other illustrations from the book. Please inquire for more details.
"Multimedia Tim" (partly the work of Leary) is $175; the other prints are each $100.

[LEARY] EL PERFECTO COMICS. Berkeley: Print Mint, 1973. 32pp, color cartoon covers. *** Later ptg., new $3.00 sticker price, Featuring the major underground cartoon artists, this comic was produced to benefit the Leary Defense Fund. All the material deals with Leary and/or LSD. $10

LEARY. CONFESSIONS OF A HOPE FIEND. NY: Bantam [1973]. 296pp, wraps. ***Advance Reading Copy of the 1st Ed. The author's account of his prison life, escape, and life in exile; his only massmarket book. Bit of soiling to white areas of wrappers and light crease to the back cover. $40
----- 1st Ed. Near fine copy. $30

LEARY. NEUROLOGIC. [SF: Joanna Leary, 1973]. 18mo (6-3/4 x 5 in.), white wraps. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue, limited to 1,000 copies signed by the publisher. Written in solitary confinement, following his recapture: the basis for Exo-Psychology and Info-Psychology. Leary Bib. A13c. $85

LEARY. FLASHBACKS. An Autobiography. LA: Tarcher [1983]. 395pp, photo insert, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of the author's remarkable and compelling life story. $45

LEARY. WHAT DOES WOMAN WANT? Phoenix: Falcon Press, 1988. 279pp, glazed boards, d/j. *** 2nd Ed., substantially revised. Inscribed by the author . $135
-----. 1st Trade PB of the Falcon Press Ed., inscribed by Leary in 1991. $90
-----. 1st Trade PB of the Falcon Press Ed. Signed by the author in 1994, with his annotations on the half-title, indicating certain text pages, and briefly on about half a dozen pages of text. Light cover wear. $175

LEARY. TIMOTHY LEARY'S GREATEST HITS, Vol. I: MONOGRAPHS 1980-1990 [all published]. Studio City, CA: Knoware, 1990. [4] 99pp, wraps. depicting author playing the piano, spiral bound. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue, without price printed on front cover, signed by the author. One of the scarcest of Leary's later works, this collection of ten essays written during the 1980s was sold by mail order and not distributed through bookstores. $135

LEARY. 1-1/4pp typescript (computer print-out) letter, signed at the end, with holograph postscript. To the editors of Mondo 2000, describing an afternoon spent with David Byrne during which they tape-recorded a conversation. Their transcribed "conversation" appeared in Mondo 2000 no. 4, a copy of which is included. $150

LEARY. CHAOS AND CYBERCULTURE. Berkeley: Ronin Press, 1994. Pre-publication "sampler" consisting of 50pp from the soon-to-be-published book, sent to a Berkeley magazine for promotional purposes. Spiral bound, with letter from publisher laid in. $30

[LEARY} ALL-AMERICAN HIPPIE COMIX. Northampton, MA: Kitchen Sink Press [1994]. Small 4to, 168pp of cartoon art, including 8pp in color, illus. glazed boards. *** 1st Ed., HB Issue, one of 1,000 signed copies. Leary's signature appears on a tipped-in photograph of himself. He has written a 2pp introduction, "Dope Comix: The Literature of Scientific Humanization." $50

LEARY. NEUROPOLITIQUE. Tempe: New Falcon Press, 1995. 187pp, wraps. *** 3rd Ptg. of the greatly revised edition of Neuropolitics (1977), signed by the author shortly before his death. $35

LEARY. A LETTER FROM TIMOTHY LEARY TO ALDOUS HUXLEY. LA: Leary Archive Press, 1996. 4to, 4pp. *** 1st Ptg., one of 30 copies signed by Leary, of a total printing of 100 copies. In this landmark letter, written from the Center of Research in Personality at Harvard, Oct. 3, 1960, Leary introduces himself to Huxley (then visiting professor at MIT), describes his psilocybin research program and invites Huxley to participate. This is the last work signed by the author before his death. $75
-----. another copy, unsigned. $25

(LEARY) ROWER, Ann. IF YOU'RE A GIRL. NY: Semiotext(e), 1990. Sm. pb, 270pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Memoirs of the East Coast underground during the '60s and '70s, with a long section on the author's use of LSD and the time she spent with Leary as his kids' babysitter during his Cambridge days. $25

[LILLY, John] SCHAEFFER, K. E. (ed.) ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS ON CONSCIOUSNESS. NY: Macmillan [1962]. 8vo, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ptg. of "The Effect of Sensory Deprivation on Consciousness," an early paper by Lilly which concludes: "We are still finding the rules for the successful investigation of inner reality." $20

LILLY. MAN AND DOLPHIN. Garden City: Doubleday [1961]. 12mo, 312pp, 16pp of plates, cloth, dust jacket (bit of edge-wear). *** 1st Ed. of the author's first book. Classic work on interspecies communication. $60

LILLY. PROGRAMMING AND METAPROGRAMMING IN THE HUMAN BIOCOMPUTER: THEORY AND EXPERIMENTS. NY: Julian Press [1972]. 160pp, cloth, d/j. *** 3rd Ed. (2nd published ed.), revised with new foreword and new preface by the author. NY: Julian Press [1972]. Definitive edition of what is probably Lilly's most important book. Scarce in hardback. Slight edge wear to jacket. $100
-----. 3rd Ed. (2nd published ed.), revised with new foreword and new preface by the author. NY: Julian Press [1972]. 160, cloth, d/j. The definitive edition of what is probably Lilly's most important book. Scarce in hardback. Slight edge wear to jacket. $100

LILLY. THE CENTER OF THE CYCLONE: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF INNER SPACE. NY: Julian Press [1972]. 225pp, cloth, dust jacket (price clipped). *** 1st Ed., inscribed by the author in the year of publication. The author's best known work in which he describes his famous experiments taking LSD in an isolation tank. One paragraph underlined in light ballpoint ink, a tiny bit of marginal scoring on a few leaves, otherwise fine. $225

LILLY. SIMULATIONS OF GOD: THE SCIENCE OF BELIEF. NY: S&S [1975]. 288pp, cloth, d/j (price-clipped). *** 1st Ed. of this collection of philosophical essays on the nature of belief systems, influenced by the author's LSD and ketamine experiences. One chapter is titled "God As Drugs." $40

LILLY. THE SCIENTIST: A NOVEL AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Phila: Lippincott [1978]. 210pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed, inscribed by the author 2 weeks before publication. On his evolution as a scientist and his experiments with ketamine (herein called "K"). $125
-----. Berkeley: Ronin [1988]. 208 [48], illus. with photos, wraps. *** 2nd Ed., signed by Lilly on the title. Expanded with photos from Lilly's life, pictures of his associates, a 125-item bibliography, and a foreword by Timothy Leary published here for the first time. $100


LILLY & JEFFREY, Francis JOHN LILLY, SO FAR... With Francis Jeffrey. LA: Tarcher [1990]. 278pp, 14pp of photos, half cloth, d/j/. *** 1st Ed., inscribed by both authors to Timothy Leary two months before his death (the inscription to Leary being in Jeffrey's hand, but Lilly signed on the same page on the same date. A free-ranging biography by Jeffrey, with Lilly's deep involvement. $300
-----. Another copy. Inscribed by Lilly a few years after publication. $100

LINCOLN, John. ONE MAN'S MEXICO: A RECORD OF TRAVELS & ENCOUNTERS. NY: Harcourt, Brace & World [1968]. 238pp, cloth, d/j.*** 1st U.S. Ed. (published in the UK 1967).One chapter describes an intense, high-dose psilocybin mushroom trip. $30

(LSD) Two articles in Arch. Gen. Psychiatry (1963). *** "Differential Behavioral Responsively to LSD-25" and "The Effects of LSD Upon Group Interaction." The second paper was co-authored by Dr. Robert Hyde, the first person to take LSD in the U.S. $25

(LSD) J. Psychedelic Drugs (Sept. 1970). Special issue on "LSD: The Psychedelic Experience and Beyond." Articles by McGlothlin, Krippner, Grof, Pahnke, Leary, Huston Smith, et al. Virtually a book, covering many important aspects of this drug (mysticism and religion, psychotherapy, cancer patients, language, etc.) $50

LUNA, Luis Eduardo & AMARINGO, Pablo. AYAHUASCA VISIONS: THE RELIGIOUS ICONOGRAPHY OF A PERUVIAN SHAMAN. Berkeley: No. Atlantic Books [1993]. Oblong 4to, 160pp, 49 color plates by Amaringo of his ayahuasca visions, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Possibly the greatest work of entheogenic visionary art yet produced. $60

MARKS, John. THE SEARCH FOR THE "MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE": THE CIA AND MIND CONTROL. NY: Times Books [1979]. Tall 8vo, 242pp, two-tone cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. The book that blew the lid off the secret psychedelic drugs experiments run for almost two decades by the CIA. Fine copy (small stamp on front e.p (G&B, 346). . $45

MARRIOTT, Alice & RACHLIN, Carolyn. PEYOTE. NY: Crowell [1971]. 111pp, 2 drawings of the peyote circle, cloth, dust jacket reproducing Native American peyote art. *** 1st Ed. General account of the origins and growth of the peyote religion. Very scarce in hardback. $50

MARSHALL, William & TAYLOR, Gilbert. THE ART OF ECSTASY. AN INVESTIGATION OF THE PSYCHEDELIC REVOLUTION. [Toronto]: Burns & MacEachern [1967]. 207pp, illus with photos & op art designs, wrappers *** 1st Ed., Trade PB ed. A photo-documentary of the Perception '67 exhibition-symposium held in Toronto, which featured McLuhan, Osmond, Metzner, Alpert, Krassner and the Fugs. Contains an otherwise unpublished talk by Leary, who was barred from entering Canada. Light cover wear. $75

-----. PSYCHEDELIC ECSTASY. LA: Wilshire Book Co., 1968. Psychedelic-designed wrappers. *** 1st U.S. ed. of The Art of Ecstasy. $75
-----. Some wear to covers. $50

MASTERS, Robert & HOUSTON, Jean. THE VARIETIES OF PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE. NY: HR&W [1966]. 326pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. "One of the few serious attempts to analyze and classify LSD experiences" (Grinspoon & Bakalar). $100
----- Another copy. fine except for marginal crease in 3 leaves. $60

[McKENNA, DENNIS & TERENCE]. THE INVISIBLE LANDSCAPE. Photocopy Edition, from the sheets of the 1975 Seabury Press edition, spiral bound, inscribed by Terence McKenna at Esalen, 1989. Berkeley: Lux Natura, n.d. (Lux Natura was the McKenna's publishing company. $50

McKENNA. THE ARCHAIC REVIVAL. SF: HarpersSan Francisco [1991]. 267, 22 plates by Satty, wraps. *** 1st Ed. , inscribed by the author. "Speculations on Psychedelic Mushrooms, the Amazon, Virtual Reality, UFOs, Evolution, Shamanisn, the Rebirth of the Goddess and the End of History" (subtitle). There was no hardback ed. $135

McKENNA. FOOD OF THE GODS. NY: Bantam [1992]. 313pp, 17 illus., cloth, d.j. *** 1st Ed., 2nd Ptg. A re-examination of historical cultures from the point of view of the psychoactive plants they used. $10

McKENNA. TRUE HALLUCINATIONS. SF: HarpersSan Francisco [1993]. 237pp, frontis. photo of the author in the Amazon jungle with butterfly net, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., inscribed by the author. An account of the DMT revelations obtained from ingesting "heroic" amounts of psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca with his brother and other fellow travellers. $135

(MDMA) E INFO: PRACTICAL INFORMATION ABOUT ECSTASY. N.p., n.d. [SF, c. 1993]. Small sheet of blue paper folded to make 4pp, containing basic information on using MDMA, handed out at raves. Rare ephemeral item of the Harm Reduction movement. $15

[METZNER] THROUGH THE GATEWAY OF THE HEART: ACCOUNTS OF EXPERIENCES WITH MDMA AND OTHER EMPATHOGENIC SUBSTANCES. Compiled & edited by Sophia Adamson. Foreword by Ralph Metzner. SF: Four Trees Pub. [1985]. 8vo, 197pp, illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed. signed by Metzner. "The more than 50 experiences reported here all occurred within a context of either psychotherapy, self-exploration, relationship communication, or spiritual practice" (foreword). The first book entirely about MDMA. $30
------ Another copy, signed by Metzner. $50

MICHAUX, Henri. MISERABLE MIRACLE (LA MESCALINE). Monaco: Editions du Rocher [1956]. Sm. 4to, 123pp, 48 plates, ptd. wraps. original glassine (a little chipped). *** 1st Ed. of the author's first published work on drug experience, limited to 1,530 numbered copies. All the plates are the author's own drawings executed under the effects of mescaline. G&B. $300

MISERABLE MIRACLE. Trans. Louise Varese. [SF]: City Lights Books [1963]. 12mo, 89pp, 8 plates. *** 1st U.S. Ed., "limited" but no limitation stated. Covers slightly darkened, spine a little stained. G&B. $50

MICHAUX. L'INFINI TURBULENT. Paris: Mercure de France, 1957. Sm. 4to, ptd. wraps. 153pp, 8 plates of drawings by the author under the influence of mescaline, ptd. wraps. *** 1st Ed., limited to 1,550 numbered copies. Michaux's second of his four major works on psychedelic experience includes a chapter on LSD. There was a UK but not a US edition. G&B. $275

MILLER, Richard Alan. THE MAGICAL & RITUAL USE OF HERBS: A Magikal Text on Legal Highs. Seattle: O.A.K., n.d. [c. 1976]. 144pp, drawings, wrappers of alchemical design. *** 1st Ed. On the history, chemistry, consumption and magical rituals related to the narcotic, hallucinogenic, stimulant and depressant herbs. A scarce work. $45

(MYCOLOGY). Florida Mycology Research Center. A group of publications, including The Mushroom Culture, Journal of Mushroom Cultivation (8 issues, 4 in photocopy, 1985-87); The Catalog of Mushrooms (2 issues, 1987-89); 4 mimeographed research papers, 1982-87. *** Primarily devoted to psilocybin-containing species, with information on new species, methods of home cultivation, tributes to Wasson, the College of Basidiomycetes, the Mushroom Lobby, etc. The person behind the organization, Stephen L. Peele, has signed some copies. Sold by subscription only. Generally fine condition throughout. $100

NAHAL, Chaman (ed.) DRUGS AND THE OTHER SELF: An Anthology of Spiritual Transformations. NY: Harper & Row [1971]. Sm. pb, 241pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). A little-known anthology with selections from Ludlow, Baudelaire, Huxley, Kluver, Havelock Ellis, Ralph Waldo Emerson. $30

(NARANJO, Claudio) "Researching the Vine of the Soul" in: Fate(1969). 1st (& only) printing of the author's personal investigations into the use of ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon, and its psychotherapeutic potential. $20

NARANJO. THE HEALING JOURNEY: New Approaches to Consciousness. NY: Pantheon [1973]. 235pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Preface by Stanislav Grof. The first book to describe psychotherapy in conjunction with the drugs MDA, MMDA, harmaline and ibogaine. $50

NORLAND, Richard. WHAT'S IN A MUSHROOM? Ashland: Pear Tree Press [1976]. 125pp, drawings of mushrooms, stiff gold wraps. *** 1st Ed. of Part III (Psychoactive Mushrooms)--the first (and only) part published. $45

NOTES FROM UNDERGROUND, no. 3 (1970). Contains "Notes from the Underground Psychedelic Cookbook: A Traveller's ABC" giving synthesis of the four major psychedelic drugs. This important issue has contributions from Ginsberg, Burroughs, Ferlinghetti, di Prima, Sinclair, Kandel et al., cover by Gary Grimshaw. $40

OSMOND, Humphry. UNDERSTANDING UNDERSTANDING. NY: Harper & Row [1974]. 223pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Includes a 30pp chapter. "The Special World of Drugs," in which the author discusses his research with psychedelics and his interactions with Huxley and Leary. $45

OTT, Jonathan. A collection of his four recent works on the subject of entheogenic plants, all clothbound in signed, limited, boxed editions, as new. Perhaps the most remarkable, sustained achievement in entheogenic research and theory since Wasson.
--AYAHUASCA ANALOGUES: PANGAEAN ENTHEOGENS (1994). 1st Ed., one of 200 sgd.
--THE AGE OF ENTHEOGENS & THE ANGELS' DICTIONARY (1995). 1st Ed., one of 126 sgd.
--PHARMACOTHEON: ENTHEOGENIC DRUGS, THEIR PLANT SOURCES AND HISTORY (1996). 2nd Ed., revised, with new intro. One of 166 sgd.
--PHARMACOPHILIA OR THE NATURAL PARADISES (1997) . 1st Ed., one of 126, sgd.
Sold as a collection. $350

PALMER, Cynthia & HOROWITZ, Michael (eds.) SHAMAN WOMAN, MAINLINE LADY: Women's Writings on the Drug Experience. NY: Morrow [1982]. 4to, 295pp, 130 illus., half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., HB Issue, signed by the editors. The only anthology of drug literature devoted to the written experiences of women from Sappho to Sontag, with the emphasis on 19th and 20th century authors. Contains many rare illustrations and texts. As new. $20
-----. Trade PB Issue, signed by the editors. $10

(PARKER, Quanah) JAXON [pseud. of Jack Jackson]. Quanah Parker Trilogy, consisting of (1) White Comanche (2) Blood on the Moon, and (3) Red Raider. Berkeley Last Gasp, 1977-78. 3 comic books with color covers. *** 1st Printings, complete set. The incredible life of one of the greatest Native American leaders, who (among many other things) spread the peyote cult across the Plains and later argued and won the freedom of its use in an Oklahoma courtroom. $25

PARSONS, Elsie Clews. NOTES ON THE CADDO. Supplement to Am. Anthropologist, no. 57 (1941). 76pp, drawings, folding table, wraps. *** 1st Ptg. of this monograph, containing 4pp on the peyote ritual, with illus. It is mentioned that the Caddo get their peyote from Mexico for $2 per 100 buttons. Scarce item. $30

PASSIE, Torsten. PSYCHOLYTIC AND PSYCHEDELIC THER-APY RESEARCH 1931-1995: A Complete International Bibliography. Hannover: Laurentius, 1997. 12mo, 102pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. of this invaluable bibliography containing nearly 700 items with author and subject indices. An indispensable work which includes books, and contributions both to books and journals. Intro. by psycholytic (low-dose) therapy pioneer Hanscarl Leuner. Small printing. $30

(PERRY, Whittal N.) "Drug-Induced Mysticism: The Mescaline Hypothesis" in Tomorrow (London 1964). *** 1st Ptg. of this refutation of the mystical value of mescaline as described in Doors of Perception. $15

(PEYOTE) Tomorrow (1956). *** Special issue on the American Indian, particularly the peyote rite, visions, dreams, music, shamanism. Peyote historians J. S. Slotkin ("The Peyote Way") and Omer Stewart discuss the nature and importance of the peyote religion. Covers worn and stained. $15

(PEYOTE JEWELRY) DAVID, M.; GALLAGHER, J.; SCHNIEDER, F. "German Silverwork in the Anadarko, Oklahoma Area" in Papers in Anthropology (U. Oklahoma, 1965). Includes discussion of "Peyote Jewelry, Its Symbols and Designs," with a page of illustrations. $20

POLLOCK, Steven H. MAGIC MUSHROOM CULTIVATION. San Antonio: Herbal Medicine Research Foundation [1977]. 64pp, drawings, photos and 16 colorplates, wrappers. *** 1st Ed. One of the most important home cultivation manuals of the period. The author pioneered the casing method. Scarce. $75

POLLARD, John; UHR, Leonard; STERN, Elizabeth. DRUGS AND PHANTASY: THE EFFECTS OF LSD, PSILOCYBIN, AND SERNYL ON COLLEGE STUDENTS. Boston: Little, Brown [1965]. 205pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Transcripts of the actual trips of three students to show "what actually happens to normal people when they take these drugs." Sernyl was the trade name for PCP. $65

(PRICE, H. H.) "A Mescaline Experience" in J. Am. Soc. Psychical Research (1964). *** 1st Ptg. An unusually interesting and detailed account of the author's mescaline session provided by J. M. Smythies. $25

(PSILOCYBIN & ESP) Asperen de Boer, Karkema & Kappers. "Is It Possible to Induce ESP with Psilocybine? An Exploratory Investigation," in Int. J. Neuropsychology (Oct. 1966). 27pp. *** 1st Ptg. The study was conducted in Amsterdam; reference to earlier divining plants. $20

(PSILOCYBE MUSHROOMS). Anon. PADDOS: OUR LITTLE BROTHERS: TRAVEL GUIDE TO THE SHROOM SPACE. Amsterdam: Egosoft, 1997. 80pp, illus., wraps., a handbook in English on the history and cultivation. Not published in the U.S. $15

(PSYCHEDELIC FISH). ROUGHLEY, T. C. "Bounty Descendants Live on Remote Norfolk Island," in: Nat. Geog. (1960). Whole issue. *** Contains descriptions by the writer and his photographer, Joe Roberts, of the hallucinogenic effects they experienced from eating the "dream fish" (Kyphosus fuscus). $10

PSYCHEDELIC REVIEW, nos. 1-11 [all published]. Cambridge, New Hyde Park, San Francisco, 1963-71. Various sizes and bindings. Edited by Ralph Metzner, with occasional help from Leary, Alpert, Paul Lee, Gunther Weil and Robert Mogar. *** Complete Run of Original Printings. Contributors included the editors as well as Wasson, Schultes, Hofmann, Watts, Heard, McGlothlin, Laing, Kleps, Clark, Hoffer, Osmond, etc, with reprints of classic texts by Daumal, Michaux, James, Kluver, Hesse. The first and without question the most important journal of psychedelic research and sacred plant rediscovery during the 1960s. All issues in near fine or fine condition; issue no. 1 is the first printing (of two); signed by editor Metzner. $600.

RATSCH, Christian (ed.). GATEWAY TO INNER SPACE: A FESTSCHRIFT IN HONOR OF ALBERT HOFMANN. Dorset: Prism Press [1989]. 258pp, illus., wrappers. *** 1st Ed., Contributors Grof, Metzner, Greer, Naranjo, McKenna, Muller-Ebeling, Leuner and Yensen write about sacred plants and their place in mysticism and psychotherapy. $30

RAYE, Don. PIPE DREAMS: AN INSIDE LOOK AT FREE-BASE COCAINE. [Cotati, CA: Family Pub. Co., 1980.] Sm. 4to, 110pp, wraps. (depicting "The Goddess of Free-Base"). *** 1st Ed. The first and perhaps the only insider book written on the subject of "potentially the most psychologically recreational addictive drug in use at the present time" (foreword). Creasing to lower corners, else VG. Scarce. $30

REICHEL-DOLMATOFF, Gerardo. AMAZONIAN COSMOS. Chicago: U. Chicago Press [1971]. 290pp, 16pp photo insert, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. in English (orig. published in Bogota, 1968). Much on ayahuasca, the sacred drug of the Tukano (Desana) Indians, a remote tribe of the Northwest Amazon. Spine of jacket faded, else very fine. $50

RICHTER, Derek (ed). SCHIZOPHRENIA: SOMATIC ASPECTS. NY: Macmillan, 1957. 181pp, 2 plates, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. The final chapter by Dr. D. Stafford-Clark, entitled "Drug Action in Relation to Schizophrenia" discusses at length the pioneering research with mescaline and LSD by Hoffer, Osmond, et al, in Saskatchewan. $25

[ROLLING THUNDER] BOYD, Doug. ROLLING THUNDER. NY: Random House [1974]. 8vo, 273pp, half cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Subtitled "A Personal Exploration into the Secret Healing Powers of an American Indian Medicine Man"; includes a chapter, "The Peyote Tea Ceremony." Native American prophet/ shaman Rolling Thunder was revered by many of the '60s counterculture. $35

ROSEMAN, Bernard. 225,000 INDIANS CAN'T BE WRONG. [Joshua Tree CA: the Author, 1963]. 12mo, 44pp, 6 full-page illustrations by Marcie Roseman, illus, wraps. *** 1st Ed. The author describes his personal experience with peyote and gives its controversial history. Roseman produced the first underground LSD--the subject of his second book--and along with Bernard Copley--was the drug's first legal casualty. Very scarce. $75

-----. ROSEMAN. THE PEYOTE STORY. Hollywood: Wilshire Book Co., 1966. Text extended to 92pp and 5 illus. *** 2nd Ed., much enlarged with new title, additional text by the author and the reprint of two articles. New wrappers simulate peyote visions. $35

(RUBIN, Leonard) "The Psychopharmacology of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD-25)" in Psych. Bulletin (1957). ***1st Ptg. of this early account of all that was known of LSD, with a 50-item bibliography. $20

(SAFFORD, William) "Cactacae of Northeastern and Central Mexico, together with a Synopsis of the Principal Mexican Genera" in Ann. Rept. Smithsonian Inst, 1908. Wash. DC, 1909. Thick 8vo, cloth. *** 1st Ed. 40pp paper with 15 full-page photographs (incl. one of peyote) with first mention of an American woman "who was among the first to bring peyote to the notice of medical men" in 1894. Safford was the leading American ethnobotanist of his era. Ex-libris markings o/w fine. $50

SANDFORD, Jeremy. IN SEARCH OF THE MAGIC MUSHROOM. NY: Potter [1973]. Cloth. *** 1st U.S. Ed. 14pp, d/j. *** Account of a journey to Oaxaca in search of magic mushrooms, with a good deal of commentary on the work and opinions of Allegro, Wasson, Graves, Leary and others. $35

SCHAEFER, Georg. IN THE KINGDOM OF MESCAL: A FAIRY TALE FOR ADULTS. Berkeley: Shambala [1970]. Folio, 40pp, 17 full-page plates (all but one in color) by Nan Cruz, glazed illustrated boards *** 1st U.S. Ed. Beautifully illustrated peyote allegory, with an appendix on sacred plants. $45

SCHLEIFFER, Hedwig. NARCOTIC PLANTS OF THE OLD WORLD: Uses in Rituals and Everyday Life. Monticello NY: Lubrecht & Cramer, 1979. 193pp, photos and drawings, wraps. *** 1st Ed.,Trade PB Issue. Intro. by Richard E. Schultes. An anthology containing scores of texts, many obscure, from ancient times to the present. Scarce title from a small publishing house. $40
-------. 1st Ed., HB Issue in cloth, issued without d/j. $75

SCHULTES. HALLUCINOGENIC PLANTS. NY: Golden Press [1976]. 18mo (6 x 4 in.), 160pp profusely illus. with color plates by Elmer Smith, b&w photos, maps, illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed., 1st Ptg. Basic information on the key psychoactive drugs in the form of a pocket-size handbook, described as "the first non-technical guide to both the cultural significance and the physiological effects." Scarcest of the Golden Guides as it was withdrawn due to controversial subject matter. $100
-----. 1st Ed., 2nd Ptg., identical to the first. $60

SEYMOUR, Richard. MDMA. Intro. David Smith. Bibliography by the author & Alexander Shulgin. [SF: Haight-Ashbury Publications, 1986.] 4to, 137pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Published just after the DEA moved to suppress the drug better known as ecstasy, this book represents the first objective overview of one of the most controversial drugs of the past 20 years. Excellent annotated bibliography. Not distributed through bookstores and hence quite scarce. $50

[SHULGIN, Alexander] RHEINGOLD, Howard. EXCURSIONS TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE MIND: A BOOK OF MEMES. NY: Morrow [1988]. 239pp, wrappers. *** 1st Ed. Includes a revealing chapter on "Future Highs" based upon a interview with "Dr. G" who is clearly Dr. Shulgin. $20

SISKIND, Janet. TO HUNT IN THE MORNING. NY: Oxford U. Pr., 1973. 214pp, photos, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. This American anthropologist lived with the Sharanahua tribe of eastern Peru and took ayahuasca with them in a ritual usually forbidden to women. $45

SOMA RESEARCH ASSOCIATES, LTD. London, 1969. 10pp printed from typescript, stapled. *** Position paper of this organization devoted to "the fields of cannabis research and cannabis law reform." Council members included Stephen Abrams (whose signature appears), Francis Crick (discovered of DNA), Francis Huxley, R. D. Laing and Norman Zinberg. SOMA was responsible for the famous petition against marijuana laws signed by the Beatles, amongst others, and published in the London Times in 1967 (reprinted on last page). Rare. $75

STEIGER, Brad. MEDICINE POWER. Garden City: Doubleday,. 1974. 226pp, 24pp of plates containing 40 photos, half cloth d/j. *** 1st Ed. A survey of contemporary Native American mystical thought, teachers and medicine rituals, chapter on the peyote church. $30

STAFFORD, Peter & GOLIGHTLY, Bonnie. LSD: THE PROBLEM-SOLVING PSYCHEDELIC. Prefaces by Osmond, Blewett and Krippner. NY & London: Award/Tandem [1967]. Sm. pb, 266pp. *** 1st Ed. (PBO) First book to discuss the benefits of LSD in everyday life. G&B. $45

STEVENS, Jay. STORMING HEAVEN: LSD AND THE AMERICAN DREAM. NY: Atlantic Monthly Press [1987]. 396pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., Review Copy with press release and book review request laid in. One of the finest histories to date of the psychedelic era. $45

(SWAIN, Frederick) "El Hongo Mistico! The Mystical Mushroom" in Tomorrow (Autumn 1962). ***1st (and only) Printing of this lengthy account of the author's mushroom ceremony with Maria Sabina. Swain later lived at Leary's Millbrook commune. This is the London Tomorrow, apparently a different publication than the U.S. magazine. $30

SZASZ, Thomas. CEREMONIAL CHEMISTRY: THE RITUAL PERSECUTION OF DRUGS, ADDICTS, AND PUSHERS. Garden City: Anchor/ Doubleday, 1974. 8vo, 243pp, cloth, dust jacket. *** 1st Ed. Brilliant, scathing indictment of the political, economic, social and religious forces behind the scapegoating of users of illegal drugs throughout history. Jacket wear at head and heel of spine. $40
-----. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul [1975] 1st UK Ed. Cloth, dust jacket. VF. $30


TAYLOR, Bayard. LANDS OF THE SARACEN; or Pictures of Palestine, Asia Minor, Sicily, and Spain. NY: Putnam, 1855. Thick 12mo, 450pp, lithograph title (Lebanon scene with hashish smokers), litho frontispiece (city of Damascus), folding map at rear, original elaborately blind-stamped brown cloth, spine decorated in gilt. *** 1st Ed. A record of this famous travel writer's experiences in the Middle East, including the first published account of hashish intoxication by an American writer ("Visions of Hasheesh"), a remarkable and much anthologized narrative. An unusually bright copy, tight and clean, with wear only at the spine extremities and corners and a bit of foxing at the front. $300

UNGER, Sanford M. "Mescaline, LSD, Psilocybin, and Personality Change." 15pp, stapled. *** 1st Separate Ptg., reprinted from Psychiatry (May 1963). A review of the literature of psychedelic drug experience, "paying particular attention to extradrug variables," from James to Huxley and Leary. $40

VAN HORN, Michael. THE PHOENIX: BABBLINGS OF A MAN GOING SANE. SF: Shields Pub. Co. [1975]. 196pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. A humanistic psychologist's memoir of his personal evolution, which included a series of LSD sessions described in detail. $35

VILLOLDO, Alberto & JENDRESEN, Erik. THE FOUR WINDS: A SHAMAN'S ODYSSEY INTO THE AMAZON. NY: Harper & Row [1990]. 265pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Superb account of personal shamanic transformation with ayahuasca in the Peruvian Amazon. $25

WALKER, John with ROWE, Phil. TO SEED THE NEW PLANET...PSYCHEDELIC TRANSFORMATION IN NATURE. Encinitas, CA: Beyond All Publications [1995]. 225pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed., inscribed by the author. An eco-psychedelic novel, with LSD and nature the twin catalysts. Vivid trip descriptions. $35

(WAR ON DRUGS) COCKBURN, Leslie. OUT OF CONTROL. NY: Atlantic Monthly Pr. [1987]. 287pp, boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed. "The Story of the Reagan Administration's Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection." $20

(WAR ON DRUGS) EDDY, P; SABOGAL, H. & WALDEN, S. THE COCAINE WARS. NY: Norton [1988]. 399pp, 16pp of photos, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. The story of Colombia's Medellin Cartel and how American drug policies aided it. $20

(WAR ON DRUGS) INCIARDI, James. THE WAR ON DRUGS II. Mt. View, CA: Mayfield [1992]. 315pp, illus. includes examples of heroin labels, wraps. *** 1st Ed. "The Continuing Epic of Heroin, Cocaine, Crack, Crime, AIDS, and Public Policy." $20

(WAR ON DRUGS) ROCK, Paul (ed.) DRUGS AND POLITICS. New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Books [1977]. 331pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. "Specifically examined in this collection of 17 essays is the ambiguous relationship between the politically mute, average drug user and those who undermined official definitions of drug use," including Thomas Szasz, Howard Becker and other key reformists. $30

(WAR ON DRUGS). WALKER III, William O. DRUG CONTROL IN THE AMERICAS. Albuquerque: U. New Mexico Pr. [1981]. 287pp, 8pp of maps and photos, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Well-researched account of the origins and development of American drug control in Latin America, and the role of Harry Anslinger. $25

(WAR ON DRUGS) BROUGHT TO LIGHT: A GRAPHIC DOCUMENTARY. Forestville, CA: Eclipse [1989]. 4to, 76pp. of cartoon art. *** 1st Ed., Trade PB Issue. The history of U.S. covert operations since 1960 and all the links from the Oval Office to drug smuggling operations, told in cartoon format by Joyce Brabner. Alan Moore, Thomas Yeates and Bill Sienkiewicz. $20


WASSON, R. Gordon & Valentina. MUSHROOMS, RUSSIA AND HISTORY. NY: Pantheon [1957]. 2 vols., large thick 4to, 433pp, 85 plates (incl 26 exquisite pochoir watercolors), cloth, spine labels. *** 1st Ed., limited to 512 copies. This copy lacks the cloth box, and the folding chart ("Mushroom Stones of Middle America"), found in a pocket at the back of Vol. II, is supplied in facsimile. The only edition of this rare and influential work that established the field of ethnomycology. The authors' revolutionary thesis describes the central importance of psychedelic mushrooms in Mesoamerican cultural history. The Wassons were the first outsiders to participate in the magic mushoom ceremony in 1955. Minor wear to cloth. $1500

[WASSON] "Seeking the Magic Mushroom" in Life (1957). Whole issue. *** 1st Ptg. of the beautifully-illustrated 17pp article which introduced millions of readers to the centuries-old ritual use of hallucinogenic mushrooms. "Surely the most-widely broadcast single drug experiment of the modern era" (Sacred Mushroom Seeker). $50

WASSON. SOMA: DIVINE MUSHROOM OF IMMORTALITY. With Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty. NY: HBJ [1973]. Lge. thick 8vo, 382pp, 22 plates (many colored), text-illus, maps, wraps. *** 1st Ed, 2nd Ptg. of the PB Issue. The author's best-known and most controversial book, in which he identifies the sacred drug of the Rig-Veda as the Amanita muscaria mushroom. G&B.. $75

WASSON, RUCK, Carl & HOFMANN, ALBERT. THE ROAD TO ELEUSIS: UNVEILING THE SECRET OF THE MYSTERIES. NY: HBJ [1978]. 126pp, 8 inserted plates (6 colored) and 4 b&w in text, wrappers. *** 1st Ed., Trade PB Issue. Postulates that the Ancient Greeks took a substance similar to LSD at their Eleusinian Mystery Rite for close to 2,000 years. G&B. $60
-----. LA: William Dailey, 1998. 20th Anniversary Edition, cloth, dust jacket. Foreword by Huston Smith. A beautiful new edition of this landmark work. $50

WASSON; KRAMRISCH, S.; OTT, J.; RUCK, C. PERSEPHONE'S QUEST: ENTHEOGENS & THE ORIGINS OF RELIGION. New Haven: Yale U. Pr. [1986]. Folio, 257pp, 28 illus. (incl. some tipped-in colorplates), half levant morocco, gilt cloth, in cloth slipcase as issued. *** 1st Ed., limited to 300 copies. Wasson's last published work. "The Last Meal of the Buddha," appears, along with essays by his co-authors. Printed by Stamperia Valdonega.. $225

(WASSON) "Wasson Reviews Castenada" and "Wasson's Velada with Maria Sabina" in 2 issues of Head (Nov. 1977 & Feb. 1978). The latter issue also covers the Hallucinogenic Mushroom Conference in 1977 where Wasson and Hofmann first announced their identification of the entheogen used at the Temple of Eleusis. $35

(WASSON) HOROWITZ, Michael. "Just Say Know: Gordon Wasson and the Psychedelic Revolution." Offprint from Integration, no. 1 (1991), signed by the author. Folio, 2pp, wraps. Discusses Wasson's impact on the '60s psychedelic movement. $5

(WASSON). Riedlinger, Thomas (ed.). THE SACRED MUSHROOM SEEKER: ESSAYS FOR R. GORDON WASSON. Portland: Dioscorides Press [1990]. Large 8vo, 283pp, numerous photos of which 20 are in color, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Magnificent tribute to the "father of ethnomycology," with essays by virtually every major figure in psychoactive drug research, many unpublished photos, checklist of works, etc. $90

WATTS, Alan. THIS IS IT AND OTHER ESSAYS ON ZEN & SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. NY: Pantheon [1960]. 158pp, cloth. d/j. ***1st Ed. Contains "The New Alchemy," representing the author's first writing on his experiences with psychedelic drugs. A little wear to top edge of jacket. $60

WEIL, Andrew. "The Use of Psychoactive Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest. An Ethnopharmacologic Report." Cambridge: Botanical Museum, 1977. 188pp, self-wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ptg., signed. The author's presents his field research with four species of psilocybe mushrooms and the Amanita muscaria. $50

WEIL. THE MARRIAGE OF THE SUN AND THE MOON: A QUEST FOR UNITY IN CONSCIOUSNESS. Boston: HM, 1980. 289pp, illus., cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Cogent essays on psilocybin mushrooms, yage, datura, cannabis, coca, mdma, etc. $45

WELLS, Brian. PSYCHEDELIC DRUGS. Foreword by Humphry Osmond. Baltimore: Penguin [1973]. Sm. pb, 250pp. *** 1st U.S. Ed., a year after it appeared in the U.K. Important foreword by Osmond on the term "psychedelic" and the six terms he rejected. Lacks dust jacket. $20

WHITE, John (ed.) THE HIGHEST STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Garden City: Anchor Books [1972]. Sm. thick pb, 484pp. *** 1st Ed. {PBO) . Chapters by Huxley, Krippner, Fischer, Pahnke, Houston & Masters and 3 or 4 others deal with psychedelic experience. G&B. $25

[WILSON, Bill] "PASS IT ON": THE STORY OF BILL WILSON AND HOW THE A.A. MESSAGE REACHED THE WORLD. NY: A. A. World Services, 1986. 429pp, photographs, cloth, d/j. *** 2nd Ed. (1st Ed.: 1984). Chapter 23: "Bill experiments with LSD but eventually ceases when controversy stirs within A.A." $20


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