I. Psychedelic Plants & Drugs   II. Drug Literature   III. Drug Culture & Lifestyle   IV. Drugs & the Arts
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(Note: Kennedy refers to Jay Kennedy, The Official Underground and Newave Comix Price Guide (1982).

Drugs and the Arts
Original cover art--see Lutz (below)

ALDRIDGE, Alan. PHANTASIA OF DOCKLAND, ROCKLAND AND DODOS. Illustrated in collaboration with Harry Willock. London: Cape [1981]. 4to, 76pp. 32 full-page, 1 fldg. page & many small color illus., glazed boards. *** 1st Ed. Colorful, whimsical psychedelic illustration by the artist famed for illustrating the Beatles' lyrics. $40

BADAJOS, Ed. DICK! THE NIXON ERA. Aspen: Head Imports, 1972. 4to. 64pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Intro. Paul Krassner. Political cartoons, described by Kesey as a cross between Kafka, Escher and Burroughs. Scarce. Kennedy 592. $45

(BEATLES) BEATLES YELLOW SUBMARINE. Gold Key Comic, 1968. *** Large folded centerfold poster still attached. Unusually fine copy. $125

(BEATLES) NOEBEL, David A. COMMUNISM, HYPNOTISM AND THE BEATLES. Tulsa: Christian Crusade Publications, 1968. 6pp, wraps, stapled. *** 3rd Ed., revised. Describes the "communist master music plan" which uses "the four mop-headed anti-Christ Beatniks" to destroy the nation. Lurid front cover design. $30

(BEATLES) DAVIES, Hunter. THE BEATLES: THE AUTHORIZED BIOGRAPHY. London: Heinemann [1968]. 374pp, numerous photo inserts, purple boards, d.j. *** 1st Ed. of the first authorized biography, following a series of quickie paperbacks. Contains many recorded conversations with the band. $75

(BEATLES) EVANS, Mike. THE ART OF THE BEATLES. NY: Beech Tree [1974]. 4to, 144pp. profusely illus. in color & b&w, illus. wraps. *** 1st U.S. Ed. (same year as UK). Documents the Beatles' impact on the visual arts: photography, painting, sculpture, film animation, graphic design, etc. Minor corner crease. $40

(BLOTTER ART) "Cure of Souls." Poster for the second exhibition of blotter art held at Psychedelic Solution Gallery in NYC, Jan. 1988. Hundreds of examples of LSD blotter art designs. Curated by Mark McCloud. Measures 27 x 17 in. $50

(BLOTTER ART) Set of 11 postcards issued by Psychedelic Solution Gallery from designs on "Cure of Souls" poster. $35

(BLOTTER ART) Variant set of 9 postcards. $25

BODE, Vaughn. SUNSPOT. NY: Stellar Prods., 1971. Sq. 8vo, 32pp of cartoon art, wraps. *** 1st Ed., with the large folding "Sunspot Planet Schematic." Early work by Bode, a science fiction story.Kennedy 1912. $60

BODE. DEADBONE. [BC: Northern Comfort Communications, 1975] Folio, 86 of cartoon art, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. subtitled "The First Testament of Cheech Wizard, the Cartoon Messiah" after the artist's most enduring creation. A few closed tears in jacket. Kennedy 2130. $50

BODE. CHEECH WIZARD. [BC: Northern Comfort Communications, 1976] Folio, 86 of cartoon art, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., subtitled, "The Collected Adventures of the Cartoon Messiah." A few closed tears in jacket. Kennedy 2129 $50

COBB, Ron. RCD-25. [LA]: Sawyer Press [1967]. 4to, 25 full-page cartoons, wraps. *** 1st Ed. of the first book by the leading underground political cartoonist of the '60s. Some classic drug cartoons. Very rare; not in Kennedy. $175

COBB. "MAH FELLOW AMERICANS" EDITORIAL CARTOONS FROM THE UNDERGROUND PRESS SYNDICATE. [LA]: Sawyer Press [1968]. 4to, 36pp, of which 30 are full-page cartoons, illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed. of Cobb's second book. Includes an interview. Light cover wear. Kennedy 1212. $50

CRUMB, R[obert]. FRITZ THE CAT. NY: Ballantine Books [1969]. Folio, 68pp, color-illus, wraps. *** 1st Ed. A few light cover creases, but over all a much better-than-average copy of one of the artist's most enduring works. $100

DEL VALLE, Angel. LOS SEMBRADORES (THE MARIJUANA GROWERS). SF: Galeria de la Raza [1976]. Sq. 8vo, 14pp, 12 photos, self-wraps. *** 1st Ptg. of an exhibition catalog for a show of photographs of marijuana growers in Mexico, with text. Probably the first exhibition of marijuana (or any drug-related) photos ever mounted. Bit of writing in blank area inside back cover. Scarce & ephemeral. $40

(DRUG ART). Complete set of 12 notecards published by the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library. San Francisco, 1974. reproducing rare graphics from the 19th century and earlier. Original wrap-around band present. Only a few complete sets remain. $50

DURR, R. A. POETIC VISION AND THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE. NY: Delta [1970]. 273pp, 12mo, wraps. *** 1st Trade PB ed. Groundbreaking work, analyzing similarities between mystic, romantic and visionary poetry and the psychedelic drug experience, drawing from the writings of Blake, Coleridge, Wordsworth, Huxley, Leary, Watts, etc. $25

DYLAN, Bob. "Bob Dylan et la Beat Generation," in Nouveau Planete #21 (Paris, May 1971). *** Special issue on Dylan and other U.S. rockers and Beat Generation writers. Profusely illustrated. $20

ENGLISH, Michael. 3-D EYE: THE POSTERS, PRINTS AND PAINTINGS OF MICHAEL ENGLISH (1966 to 1979). NY: Perigee/ Paper Tiger [1980]. 4to, 107pp of colorplates, stiff color-illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed. Collection of works by one of the most important British graphic artists of the '60s, who worked both in psychedelic and pop art styles. $40

HAGER, Steven. ART AFTER MIDNIGHT: THE EAST VILLAGE SCENE. NY: St. Martins [1976]. 4to, 133pp, profusely illus, including 32pp, color insert, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Covers the gamut: art, music, fashion, partying. $30

(HENDRIX, Jimi] HENDERSON, David. JIMI HENDRIX: VOODOO CHILD OF THE AQUARIAN AGE. Garden City: Doubleday, 1978. 514 pp, 24pp of photo inserts, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of the first biography of the acid rock legend. A bit of wear and a few stains to the back panel of the jacket. $40

HIPGNOSIS & DEAN, Roger. THE ALBUM COVER ALBUM. NY: A & W Visual Lib. [1977]. Large 4to, 160pp with color reproductions of 550 album covers from the '60s and 70s., cloth, d/j *** 1st Ed. of the premiere volume in the series. $75

KLARWEIN. INSCAPES: REAL-ESTATE PAINTINGS. NY: Harmony [1983]. Sm. 4to, 58pp including 35 colorplates, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Includes insightful self-interview ("I was scorned as a psychedelic artist--especially when seen in the company of Tim Leary--too close to LSD for the straight culture-vultures of Madison Avenue." $50

(KRIPPNER, Stanley) "Psychedelics and the Artist" in I-KON (Mar. 1968). *** 1st Ptg. of this early and important article by the text writer of Psychedelic Art. $20

JOHANNSEN, Brad. OCCUPIED SPACES. NY: Harmony Books [1977]. 4to, 48pp of colorplates & text, color-illus. wraps. *** 1st Ed. Psychedelic art to enhance the poetry of Rimbaud, Joni Mitchell and others. $40

LENNON, John. bag one: a suite of lithography. NY: Nordness Galleries, Feb. 1970. Sm. 4to, 20pp, incl. 14 reproductions from the show, wrappers. *** 1st Ed. of this exhibition catalog, with price list laid in. The ex-Beatle's erotic art show. $60

(LENNON & ONO). JOHN & YOKO CALENDAR. NY: Delta Press, 1970. Produced by the Lennons, with photos and quotations from their books and songs in spiral-bound calendar format. Very scarce. $75

(LSD POSTER) [BARBIE ON ACID]. Color poster, 24 x 17-1/2 in. [SF, 1996]. Stunning art depicts a smiling Barbie with a bottle of Sandoz "Delysid" in one hand, a portfolio of blotter sheets in the other against a background of colorful blotter designs. Suppressed because of a threatened lawsuit from Barbie's manufacturers. Brilliantly executed subversive art. $35


LUTZ, Ed. Original art for front cover of Psychedelic Review, no. 10 (1969). Painting in watercolors on paper pasted to board, backed for mounting. Measures 9-1/2 x 11-1/2 inches. The painting is much brighter and about 25% larger than the reproduction on the cover of the Review, a copy of which is included. (see illustration, top of this page) $950

MALINA, Judith & BECK, Julian. PARADISE NOW! NY: Random House [1971]. 154pp, cloth, photo-illus., d/j. *** 1st Ed. One of the Living Theatre's most cutting-edge productions, resulting in the entire cast being jailed briefly in Brazil. $45

MARCUS, Greil. MYSTERY TRAIN: Images of America in Rock 'n' Roll Music. NY:, Dutton [1975]. 276pp, cloth-backed boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of the author's first book, now considered a classic of the genre. Owner's name on endpaper, o/w fine. $45

(MAX. Peter) KIRSCH, Abby & KLEIN, Sandra. TEEN CUISINE: A BEGINNER'S GUIDE TO FRENCH COOKING. NY: Parents' Magazine Press [1969]. 188pp printed in a variety of colors illus. with designs by Max, who also designed cloth covers, repeated on d.j. *** 1st Ed., HB Issue. Beautifully designed throughout by the pop psychedelic artist. $75
-----. Trade PB Issue. $45

MAX. MEDITATIONS SELECTED & ILLUSTRATED. NY: McGraw Hill [1972]. Sm. 4to, 110pp of b&w designs printed on different colored papers.; color-illus. glazed boards by the artist. *** 1st Ed. The artist's interpretation of famous one-liners from Bucky Fuller to Ray Charles. Owner's inscription on blank leaf. $45

(MAX) BERNER, Charles. ENLIGHTENMENT. Lucerne Valley, CA: Institute of Ability, n.d. [c. 1970]. Sm. 4to, 24 pp, with 11 line drawings and color covers by the artist; wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed. A little-known work by this artist . $35


(MAX) Set of four Max-designed sheets for use as protective book covers, each measuring 13 x 20 in. Np, n.d. [c. 1970]. Typically colorful Max designs, exemplifying the commercial use of his art. Probably among his rarest publications as these were designed strictly for use. $50

McNEIL, Legs & McCAIN, Gillian. PLEASE KILL ME: THE UNCENSORED ORAL HISTORY OF PUNK. NY: Grove [1996]. 424pp, 24pp of photos, boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed., inscribed by co-authors McNeil and McCain. Definitive story of the New York punk scene as told by the participants. $45

MONSIEUR CYBER. Text by Gerard Nery; art by Jacques Poirier. Paris: Eric Losfeld [1969]. Folio, 104pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. of a book-length comic strip with running text. M. Cyber is a French secret agent whose adventures include affairs with beautiful stylish '60s women, visits to hippie hangouts, and brushes with LSD, psilocybin and hashish. More in the Barbarella than in the underground comics mode. Jacket has edge wear and a small scuff affecting lower cover. $75

MOUSE, Stanley. Collection of 11 color postcards reproducing Mouse's classic posters from the '60s, contained within a cover with the Mouse Studios logo in full color. Signed by the artist. [Sonoma] 1985. Small glue stain at edge of covers where the packet was originally sealed. $45

OCHS, Alice. SOMETHING PERSONAL. Vols. 1 and 2. SF: Magic Theatre, 1968-1970. Sm. 4to, 185 + 100pp. of photographs in black & white and sepia, Vol. I in photo-wraps (a little soiled) , Vol. 2 in heavy linen cloth. *** 1st Eds. Stunning photographs from the late '60s rock 'n roll milieu. Includes photos of rock musicians (husband) Phil Ochs, Dylan, Morrison, Joplin, Zappa, Jim Capaldi, Jesse Colin Young, the Fugs, their wives, girlfriends, children, others. Limited printings, quite scarce. $100

PHOENIX & ARABETH. MYSTIVISIONS. Set of 7 b&w plates, 8-1/2 x 11 in., each signed by the artist (one person) in silver ink. El Cerrito, CA: Heart Chakra Unlimited, 1976-1981. The artist is known for his art nouveau style infused with a Sixties' sensibility. $100

(PSYCHEDELIC ART). Feature article in Life (1966). 9pp, of color photos of psychedelic art and environments by USCO, Millbrook artists Jackie Cassen and Rudi Stern, and Richard Aldcroft, who appears on the cover experiencing his "infinity machine." $25

(PSYCHEDELIC ART) PSYCHEDELIA: THE CLASSIC POSTER BOOK. NY: Mallard Press, 1990. Portfolio of 6 full-size quality psychedelic rock posters by the leading San Francisco artists, with text giving the history of the movement. $30

RICHARDS, Eugene. COCAINE BLUE COCAINE TRUE. NY: Aperture Foundation [1994]. 4to, 160pp, about 100 photographs (some double-page) cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Superb photo-journalistic work about East Coast inner city drug addicts by an acclaimed photographer, who also did interviews with dealers, users, police, etc. Reviewers compared this book to the work of Eugene Smith, Robert Capa, Walker Evans and Dorothea Lange. $40

ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME AND MUSEUM. I WANT TO TAKE YOU HIGHER: THE PSYCHEDELIC ERA 1965-69. Ed. Jim Henke. SF: Chronicle Books [1997]. Large 4to, 208pp fully illus. with b&w and color photos, wrappers. *** 1st Trade PB Ed. Probably the best photo-documentary published to date. Pictures by the foremost photographers, text by '60s historians Charles Perry and Barry Miles. $20

RODRIGUEZ, Spain. ZODIAC MINDWARP. NY: East Village Other, 1967. 24pp tabloid, color covers. *** 1st Ptg. of one of the earliest underground tabloid comics, showcasing one of the seminal underground heroes, Trashman. Rare. Kennedy 2317. $150

RODRIGUEZ. THE COLLECTED TRASHMAN. [Berkeley]: Fat City & Red Mountain Tribe Prods. [1969]. 24pp tabloid, color covers. *** 1st Ptg. Agent of the 6th International, superhero of the radical left, one of the great creations of underground comics. Unusually fine. Kennedy 478. $50

(ROLLING PAPERS). LES PAPIERS DU PARADIS. [Paris: Batimage, 1986]. Small 4to, 16pp of color illustrations depicting about 60 different packs of rolling papers, color wraps, stapled. *** 1st Ed. A catalog of the world's best-known rolling papers, each illustrated full-size, with cannabis and paraphernalia. $35

(ROLLING PAPERS) Poster advertising "Acapulco Gold" rolling papers, the first rolling papers made from hemp, the profits going to Amorphia, whose goal was to end marijuana prohibition. Large engraving of George Washington, with the well-known quote from his diary about sowing India Hemp Seed, with information and other illustrations re: cannabis. 17 x 11 in. [SF, c. 1973]. $45

(ROLLING STONES) DALTON, David (ed.). ROLLING STONES. NY: Amsco Music Publishing [1972]. 4to, 252pp, profusely illus. with photos, some in color, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed., HB Issue. The first "coffee-table" book on the Stones, an outstanding chronicle of their early years, with discography, films, music, lyrics. $65

(RUBINGTON, Norman). THE HERO MAKER; FUZZ AGAINST JUNK; IS THAT YOU, SIMON?; THE BOILER MAKER. NY: Citadel; Paris: Olympia Press [1961]. 4 vols, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st U.S. Eds. of the first two works (originally Paris 1959 & 1960); 1st Eds. of the second two titles. Hip, narrative, collage humor pioneered by Rubington, an American expatriate living in Paris, who wrote the text as well under the memorable pseudonym "Akbar del Piombo." The series is called "Far Out Books," a term hippies were thought to have invented. $150

SHAPIRO, Harry. WAITING FOR THE MAN. The Story of Drugs and Popular Music. NY: Morrow [1988]. 276pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Packed with detail, this well-researched history documents the use of drugs in jazz, rock and pop music. $40

(SHARP, Martin). McGREGOR, Craig. PEOPLE, POLITICS AND POT: AUSTRALIA IN THE SIXTIES. Sydney: Ure Smith [1968]. 221pp, 13 full-page b&w collage drawings and front cover by Sharp, stiff wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). Early work by Australia's foremost psychedelic artist. $45

SIMON, Peter. DECENT EXPOSURES. Berkeley: Wingbow [1974]. Sm. 4to, 128pp mostly of b&w photographs, wraps. *** 1st Ed. The subjects are countercultural, with much nudity and occasional eroticism. $75

STOCK, Dennis. CALIFORNIA TRIP. NY: Grossman, 1970. Oblong folio, 103pp of mostly b&w photographs, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. A substantial number of photos are of counterculture individuals and scenes. $80

TRIP (The). Set of 8 lobby cards (measuring 11 x 14 in.) for the 1967 American International Picture, starring Peter Fonda, Susan Strasberg and Dennis Hopper; screenplay by Jack Nicholson; directed by Roger Corman.. Probably the most famous LSD movie of the '60s, filmed in "psychedelic color." $150

(WILSON, S. Clay) JACKSON, Jon A. BLIND PIG. Missoula: Dennis McMillan [1988]. 228pp, illus. title and color cover art by S. Clay Wilson. *** 2nd Ed., signed and dated (1988) by the artist; first edition thus. Detective novel with drug references. $35

YOKOO, Tadanori. 100 POSTERS. NY: Images Graphiques [1978]. Large folio, 112pp, with 95 full-page plates, most in color, wraps. *** 1st Ed. in English. Japan's foremost psychedelic graphic artist. $40


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