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(Note: "Perkins" means the work is cited in Michael Perkins,
The Secret Record: Modern Erotic Literature,

Drug Erotica

BUSH, Patricia. DRUGS, ALCOHOL & SEX. NY: Marek [1980]. 287pp, 8vo, cloth. *** 1st Ed. Probably the best study to date, based upon historical research as well as contemporary interviews. Psychedelic drugs are well-covered. Small chip top edge of jacket, else fine. $50

CHAPMAN, Gil & Ann. THE SENSUAL SUNSET STRIP. LA: Century Books [1967]. 188pp, sm. pb wraps (psychedelic design). *** 1st Ed. (PBO). A fairly in-depth journalistic account of the sexual revolution as evidenced in LA's Sunset Strip district, including a chapter on LSD and marijuana, a glossary of drug terms and a bibliography. $50

[COHAN, Tony] THE DEALER. By Malcolm Spade. [pseud.] N. Hollywood: Brandon [1970]. 159pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO) Narrator of this sex satire is a drug dealer, and many of the primary characters are thinly disguised counterculture celebrities. Small scrape on front cover. Perkins. $25

DOYLE, Kirby. HAPPINESS BASTARD. N. Hollywood: Essex House [1968]. 206pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). The erotic life of a drunken Beat poet on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Perkins. $50

ELSOM, John. EROTIC THEATRE. NY: Taplinger [1974]. 269pp, 24pp of plates, cloth, d/j. *** 1st U.S. Ed. (1st pub. UK 1973). A study of the underground theatre of the '60s and its origins back to the turn of the century. $45

GALLION, Jane. STONED. N. Hollywood: Essex House [1969]. 176pp, sm. pb wraps (Leonora Fini cover art). *** 1st Ed. Marijuana sexually frees a Los Angeles woman from her soap opera life; she later has an extended LSD trip. Perkins. Cover a little rubbed and edge-worn. Scarce. $60

GORDON, Dale. HIPPIE SEX. Buffalo: Unique Books [1968]. 159pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. Most interesting for its chapters about sexual experience under cannabis and LSD. Contains glossary and bibliography, but relies on questionable interviews. $45

[HARRIS, MERRIL]. BLUE ALICE. By Jackson Short [pseud.]. NY: Dell [1972]. 252pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). Parody of Alice's Adventures Underground, with generous amounts of sex and drugs. Perkins. $45

HILTON, Thomas. HAREM FOR A PUSHER. N. Hollywood: Brandon House [1974]. 192pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed., inscribed by the author. Junkie love story, set in Hollywood, particularly the landmark meeting place, Barney's Beanery. $30

JIZ. SF: Apex Novelties, 1969. One-shot issue in the style of Snatch, mostly drawn by Crumb and Wilson. *** 1st Ptg. Fine. Kennedy 1068. $50

KANDEL, Lenore. [cover title: THE LOVE BOOK] N.p. [SF]: Stolen Paper Editions, n.d. (copyright 1966 handwritten). Sq. 8vo, 5 leaves printed sideways, black & white yab-yum wrappers. *** 1st Ed., 1st Issue, limited to 500 copies (according to publisher). Published without title or advertising leaves. The most famous work of erotic poetry published in the '60s, temporarily banned even in San Francisco. $125
------. SF: Stolen Paper Editions, 1966 [or later]. 8 leaves (including title and leaf of ads), yab-yum wrappers in brown and blue. *** 2nd Ed., 1st Issue, the first to print the complete text of "God/ Love Poem." This is the edition most commonly seen. $60

LEWIS, Barbara. THE SEXUAL POWER OF MARIJUANA. NY: Wyden [1970]. 177pp, cloth, d/j (price-clipped). *** 1st Ed. The first serious attempt to describe the way cannabis breaks down sexual inhibitions, based on personal accounts with psychiatric evaluations by Andrew Weil and other experts. Some jacket wear. $30

[MANY] Seth & [PECK] Carolyn. LEWD: THE INQUISITION OF SETH AND CAROLYN. Boston.: Beacon Press [1972]. 246pp, illus., wraps. *** 1st Ed., printed on pink paper. A unique document of the sexual revolution: the trial transcript of a commune couple whose "naked events" outraged neighbors. $30

(MASTERS, R. E. L.) "Sex and Forbidden Drugs" in Exit, nos. 3-4 (1965-66). *** Two installments from the author's Forbidden Sexual Behavior and Morality (1962), covering the sexual effects of all the primary drugs used in the West. Very scarce mag. $35

(MASTERS) "Sex, Ecstasy and the Psychedelic Drugs" in Playboy (Nov. 1967). *** 1st Ptg. of this "scientific appraisal of the delights and hazards of chemically induced or enhanced eroticism." $25

PECKINPAH, Deneen. CEREMONIES OF LOVE. NY: Olympia Press [1970]. 159pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). Not a drug novel per se, but an account of a hallucinatory journey through the evolutionary tidepool by a young woman who works for an underground magazine. Perkins. $35

POLAND, Jefferson F[uck]. & SLOAN, Sam (eds.). SEX MARCHERS. [LA: Elysium, Inc., 1968]. 150pp, leatherette, d/j (price-clipped). *** 1st Ed. A collection of essays espousing the principles and practices of the Sexual Freedom League (later, The Psychedelic Venus Church), founded by Poland in 1963 and a force in the Bay Area '60s scene. Evidence of mild staining to dust jacket flaps. $35

POLAND & ALISON, Valerie. THE RECORDS OF THE SAN FRANCISCO SEXUAL FREEDOM LEAGUE. Preface by Herbert Gold. 184pp, wraps. [NY]: Olympia Press [1971]. *** 1st Ed. (PBO). Includes many first-person accounts of orgies and other activities of this groundbreaking organization which did not shy away from media exposure. $35

SIMPSON, James. POT & PLEASURE. A STUDY OF THE EFFECTS OF MARIJUANA ON SEXUAL BEHAVIOR. N.p.: Venus Library [1972]. 150pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st Ed. Sex-on-pot exploitation paperback, vintage hippie drug orgy cover photo. One leaf creased. $35

SOUTHERN, Terry. BLUE MOVIE. NY: NAL [1970]. 288pp, boards, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Satirical novel about the making of an "aesthetically erotic" underground movie. $45

SNATCH COMICS, nos. 1-3 (SF: Apex Novelties, 1968-69.) *** Complete Set. 1st Printings of nos. 2 and 3; 2nd ptg. of no. 2. Undoubtedly the smuttiest underground comic of the era, produced by the brilliant San Francisco group of R. Crumb (who did all 3 covers and the majority of the inside art), S. Clay Wilson, Moscoso, Williams, Osborne, Griffin and Hayes. Kennedy 1839-41. All about fine. $150

STEINHARDT, Anne. THUNDER LaBOOM. NY: Viking, [1974]. 209pp, cloth. d/j. *** 1st Ed. A comic novel about a strip club in San Jose, operating during the sexual revolution. $30

STEINHARDT. HOW TO GET BALLED IN BERKELEY. NY: Viking [1976]. 172pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed, inscribed by the author with an A.L.s. to the recipient laid in. Subtitled, "A Historical Romance of the Sixties," this is a comic novel of life and love in the Berkeley subculture. $50

TINDALL, KENNETH. GREAT HEADS. NY: Grove [1969]. 284pp, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. in English (the language in which it was originally written) . Excessive sex and drug adventures of an American rock musician living in wide-open Copenhagen during the hippie period. Neglected novel on a level with The Ginger Man. $50

VASSI, Marco. MIND BLOWER. [NY: Olympia Press. 1970]. 221pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. of the author's first book. Vassi was a self-described "hippie, acid head, Scientologist, pornographer, mystic, psychotherapist, Communist, guru, sex experimentalist and Gurjieffite." Very slight spine lean. Perkins devotes an entire chapter to his work. $75
----- 2nd Ed. [1972]. Covers rubbed in a few places. $40

VASSI. THE GENTLE DEGENERATES. [NY]: Olympia Press [1972]. 224pp, wraps. *** 2nd Ed. (1st pub. 1970) of Vassi's 2nd book, a '60s version of Henry Miller's The Rosy Crucifixion. Perkins. $40

VASSI. THE SALINE SOLUTION. [NY]: Olympia Press [1971]. 180pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. of Vassi's third book, in which the protagonist explores his bisexuality with drugs. Perkins. $60

VASSI. CONTOURS OF DARKNESS. [NY]: Olympia Press [1972]. 282pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed. Probably the author's druggiest novel. Light cover crease lower corner. Perkins. $65.

VASSI. THE STONED APOCALYPSE. NY: Pocket Books [1973]. 224pp, sm. pb wraps. *** 1st PB Ed. of Vassi's only novel first published in hardback represents his primary commercial success. and is one of the consummate '60s novels. About the California hippie underground as it metamorphosed into the New Age movement. Perkins. $20

W., Laura. CONFESSIONS OF A PART-TIME HIPPIE. Cleveland: Classics Library, 1967]. 158pp, small. pb wraps (psychedelic design) . *** 1st Ed. (PBO) The sexual memoirs of Laura, a teenager who moonlights in the hippie underworld, as told to her alleged psychotherapist. Remainder notch, else fine. $45

WELZ, Larry. CHERRY POPTART, nos. 1-12. SF: Last Gasp, 1982-91. *** Consecutive run, each issue inscribed by the artist on the front cover. No. 1 is present in both first and second states; 3-D glasses are supplied in no. 11; copies of no. 14 (2 states) and 17 (the '60s cover) also present. Cherry and her best friend Ellie Dee may be the sexiest dopers in comics history. $100

[WEST, Uta]. THE PARTY. By Renee Auden [pseud.]. NY: Olympia Press [1971]. 168pp, sm. pb, photo-wraps. (orgy scene) by Don Snyder. *** 1st Ed., 1st issue. The imagined sexual encounters of a wealthy groupie with Morrison, Jagger and Hendrix. $60
-----. 1st Ed., 2nd Issue. Photo-wraps again by Don Snyder, this time of nude hippies in a field of daisies--one of the iconic photos of the '60s. $50

WILSON, Robert Anton. SEX AND DRUGS: A JOURNEY BEYOND LIMITS. [Chicago]: Playboy Press [1973]. 296pp, half cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. Pioneering work on the sexual responses to the primary illegal drugs. $50


I. Psychedelic Plants & Drugs   II. Drug Literature   III. Drug Culture & Lifestyle   IV. Drugs & the Arts
V. Drug Erotica   VI. Underground Press & Little Mags   VII. Spoken Word/ Soundtracks

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