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AVANT- GARDE, nos. 1-14 (Jan. 1968-Summer 1971). 4to, wrappers. *** Complete run of this hip, semi-underground magazine that covered radical areas of Western culture: hippie communes, psychedelic and erotic art and photography, the sexual revolution, underground comics, as well as special issues devoted to the erotic drawings of Picasso and John Lennon, seriagraphic nudes of Marilyn Monroe, and a series on mainlining junkies by Mary Ellen Mark. All issues near fine to fine. $250

BARK LEAF, nos. 8, 12, 13, 14. (SF: Church of the Tree of Life, 1974-82). Bulletin of this psychedelic church which promoted the knowledge and sacramental use of psychoactive plants that were not (yet) illegal. Each 4pp, 8-1/2 x 11 inch issue deals briefly with a number of plants, as well as smart drugs. All issues are very scarce. $75

BLOTTER, no. 3. (Santa Cruz: Psychedelic Education Center, 1978.) Unique tabloid covering the psychedelic scene at the end of the '70s, the brainchild of Peter Stafford and Bruce Eisner. Includes coverage of the Hallucinogenic Mushroom Conference, the horoscope for the discovery of LSD, the "Sayings of Michael Hollingshead," Jean Millay, Michael Horowitz' "1993 Letter", and much more. Photo-illustrated. Tabloid format. All issues are rare. $50

BLOTTER, no. 4 (1979). Magazine format. Includes Cindy Palmer's "Women Pioneers of Psychedelics," interview with Martin Lee pre-Acid Dreams, a report on the gathering of Osmond, Hubbard, Leary and McGlothlin at Janiger's house, and much more. $50

CHANGES, no. 3 (Oakland: Harbinger University Press, 1969). *** One of the most attractive underground magazines of the era, featuring essays and poetry (Allen Cohen & Gary Snyder), psychedelic art including (in color) the front cover by Griffin, back cover by Moscoso, and inside back cover by Crumb (first appearance of Mr. Natural "Twas Ever Thus"); inside b&w art by Fried, Shelton and Metzger. Occult perspectives; all issues are rare. $85

GRASS ROOTS GAZETTE, nos 1-4 (Vallejo, 1973). Complete run of "The Official Voice of the California Marijuana Intiative Coalition" which successfully challenged the marijuana laws that resulted in California becoming the first state to decriminalize in 1975. Includes a long interview with Allen Ginsberg by Michael Aldrich, Dr. Hip[pocrates], smoke-ins, comics. $40.

HIGH FRONTIERS, nos. 1-4; REALITY HACKERS, nos. 5-6; MONDO 2000, nos. 1-17 (no. 1 being RH no. 7). Mill Valley & Berkeley, 1984-1997. 23 issues, various sizes. *** Complete Run of "the first magazine of the Cybernetic Age" in its three incarnations, edited by R. U. Sirius and Alison Kennedy. Although justly celebrated for its cyberpunk ethos, there is a good deal about LSD, MDMA and other drug use in the computer and rave cultures. Leary, Burroughs, McKenna, William Gibson, Gracie & Zarkov and R. A. Wilson are among the contributors. The rare tabloid issue no. 1 itself contains interviews with Leary, Hofmann, McKenna and Weil. $250

HIGH FRONTIERS, no. 1 [Mill Valley CA, 1984]. *** Premiere issue in tabloid format of the magazine that ultimately morphed into Mondo 2000. Contributors include Hofmann, Leary, McKenna, Weil, Stafford et al. Ed. by R. U. Sirius, who has signed this copy. $60

LYSERGIC WORLD, no. 1 [all published]. San Francisco, April 16-19, 1993. 16pp, tabloid, 4pp in color, centerfold map and nearly 50 illus. *** Published to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the discovery of LSD. A virtual history of LSD, with a contributions from Hofmann, Leary and McKenna, chronology, list of important books, movies and songs, cartoons, crossword puzzle, slang terms for acid, CIA misuse, religious use, etc. At published price. $5

MARIJUANA REVIEW, nos. 1-9 (Buffalo, NY & SF, Oct./Dec. 1968-Sep. 1973. Published and edited by Michael R. Aldrich (nos. 1-5 co-edited by Ed Sanders). *** Complete Run of the first magazine devoted to cannabis in all its varied aspects at a time when its popularity was surging through Western society. Contributors include Ginsberg, Burroughs, Leary, Kesey, Sinclair, and a host of researchers; the Ludlow Library is featured for the first time. The condition is fine throughout, and the premiere number is signed by the publisher, the first Ph.D. in cannabis studies. The print run, especially of the early issues, was very small; hence complete sets are exceedingly scarce. $250

OLYMPIA, nos. 1-4. (Paris, Dec. 1961-April 1963.) *** Complete Run of the magazine of the Olympia Press, many of whose writers have selections from their novels published in its pages: Burroughs, Gysin, Southern, Donleavy, Durrell, Corso, Miller, Harriet Daimler, et al. Of particular importance is the Gysin-Ian Sommerville "Dream Machine" with pages of parts for construction. Very fine set. $200

ORACLE OF THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO, nos. 1-12 (1966-68). Ed. Allen Cohen. Tabloid-size, split-fountain color used in nos. 5-12. *** Complete Run of the legendary psychedelic newspaper, published at Ground Zero of the psychedelic culture, with eyewitness reporting of every major event that took place in the Haight-Ashbury just before, during and shortly after the Summer of Love. Among the writers appearing are Leary, Alpert, Metzner, Burroughs, Ginsberg, Kesey, Snyder, McClure, Ferlinghetti, Kandel, John Sinclair, Bucky Fuller, Stephen Levine, Chet Helms and Chester Anderson; the artists include Griffin, Mouse, Kelley, Conner and Thomas Weir. "The Oracle's fluid, almost three-dimensional design recalled the drug experience...reading the paper was designed to be a 'trip' in itself" (Armstrong, Trumpet to Arms). All first printings except nos. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 11 are 2nd printings. Overall very good to fine condition except for the following defects: No. 1, stain on lower half; no. 3, small circle cut out from two sheets near the back; no. 4, a little spotting on the front page; no. 5, stain along right edge of cover page. Evidence of old center crease in some. $1,000

ORACLE OF THE CITY OF SAN FRANCISCO. Berkeley: Regent Press, 1991. Large 4to, 385 pp, color illustrated throughout, gilt-lettered cloth. *** Facsimile Ed., inscribed by the original publisher, Allen Cohen. Full-color reproduction in book form of the entire run of this revolutionary psychedelic newspaper, with extensive documentation. At publication price. $175
---- Collector's Edition, one of 250 copies with orig. signed Rick Griffin print and extra suite of plates, deluxe binding, boxed. $700

ORACLE OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, L.A., 1967. *** Modeled after the San Francisco Oracle in size, content, and layout, this tabloid reflected the psychedelic milieu of the Los Angeles area.

No. 3: Leary, Start Your Own Religion; Thad & Rita Ashby, "On the Possibility of an LSD Utopia." $100
No: 5. Strawberry Fields commune; STP; George Harrison interview, "Why Psychedelics ?" $75
No. 6: Interviews with Leary and David Crosby, "Psychedelic Prayer" black light centerfold. $75
No. 7: Ashbys on "The Yoga of Sex and the Magic Mushroom"; Om Foundation commune. $75

ORPHEUS, vol. 1, no. 3 (Phoenix, 1968). Early digest of reprints from the underground press, this issue mostly literary, including Burroughs, Ginsberg, McClure, Leary (Oracle interview), John Sinclair, articles from Provo and Avatar, a section of psychedelic drawings, etc. Fore-edge nicked. $75

ORPHEUS, vol. 2. no. 2 (Phoenix, 1968).*** This issue covers politics (Black Power and American Indians), music (Soft Machine) , cartoons (Crumb), poetry (d.a.levy), Living Theatre, etc. Short tear bottom edge of front cover. $50

PAPERBAG, vol. 1, no. 1 (LA, Feb. 1968). *** Premiere Issue of one of the earliest digests of underground counterculture publications, reprinting articles about the Death of the Hippie event, the funeral for Chocolate George, interviews with George Harrison & Bill Graham, Krassner on acid, cartoons, photos, psychedelic art. $75

PSYCHEDELIC REVIEW, nos. 1-11. See: Part I


REALIST (The). Edited & published by Paul Krassner. NY, 1958-74. 82 of the first 98 issues of the original format (Krassner revived The Realist in a new format in 1986 and just stopped publishing it) plus about 15 issues sent only to subscribers, which are consequently very scarce. Majority of issues bound in two original red cloth, Realist binders stamped in gilt with name and logo. "The first underground publications in modern day America were the Village Voice and The Realist" (Glessing, The Underground Press in America). Interviews with Leary, Mailer, Terry Southern, Joseph Heller; articles by Robert Anton Wilson, Lenny Bruce, McLuhan, Wavy Gravy, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Ed Sanders. Most VG to fine, but a handful of issues (mostly earlier ones) are stained. $750

RESIDU, nos. 1 & 2 (Athens & London, 1965-66; all published). Legendary expatriate literary magazine, with most major Beat writers and many important drug texts, including Kay Johnson's "LSD-748," Sheldon Cholst's "Notes on the Use of Hashish," Harry Fainlight's "Mescaline Notes," Simon Vinkenoog's and George Andrews' "Statements for The Book of Grass," the latter's LSD poem, and more. $100

SPIT IN THE OCEAN, nos. 1-6 [all published]. Ed. by Ken Kesey and Ken Babbs. Pleasant Hill, OR: Intrepid Trips [1974-81]. *** Includes one issue devoted to Neal Cassady, another edited by Timothy Leary from prison; and texts by Ken Kesey and other former Merry Pranksters throughout. No. 1 is the scarce first issue. All fine except light cover wear to no. 2. $100

SUNDANCE. nos. 1-3 (Apr.-Dec. 1972). Folio-size counterculture magazine with emphasis on political expose ("Nixon & the Mafia"), the Vietnam War, the Black Power and AIM movements; art and culture (Lennon & Ono had a regular column, Anne Waldman was poetry editor.) Notably high-quality design. We think these three were the only issues published. Scarce. $75

(UNDERGROUND COMICS). KENNEDY, Jay. THE OFFICIAL UNDERGROUND AND NEWAVE COMIX PRICE GUIDE. Cambridge: Boatner Norton [1982]. 273pp, 16pp, color insert plus numerous b&w illus of covers and photos of artists, wrappers designed by Bill Griffith. *** 1st Ed. Valuable not only as a price guide but bibliographically and biographically . Includes photos of many of the artists. $50

(UNDERGROUND PRESS) Key early works on the history of the underground press in the U.S. and the U.K.

(1) ARMSTRONG, David. A TRUMPET TO ARMS: ALTERNATIVE MEDIA IN AMERICA. LA: Tarcher [1981]. 384pp, illus, cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed. $30

(2) FOUNTAIN, Nigel. UNDERGROUND: THE LONDON ALTERNATIVE PRESS 1966-1974. London: Routledge [1988]. 231pp, wraps. *** 1st Ed., Trade PB Issue. $25

(3) GLESSING, Robert. THE UNDERGROUND PRESS IN AMERICA. Bloomington: Indiana U. Pr. [1970]. 207pp, illus., cloth, d/j. *** 1st Ed.. $30

(4) LEAMER, Laurence. THE PAPER REVOLUTIONARIES: THE RISE OF THE UNDERGROUND PRESS. NY: Simon & Schuster (1972]. 220pp, illus, cloth, d/j *** 1st Ed., HB Issue. Evidence of waterstaining at bottom inner margins. $20

(5) SAMBERG, Paul. FIRE: REPORT FROM THE UNDERGROUND PRESS. NY: Dutton [1970]. 228pp, illus., wraps. *** 1st Ed. (PB0). $25

US, nos. 1-3 (June 1969-May 1970). NY: Bantam. 3 vols., sm. pb wraps. *** Complete Run of "The Paperback Magazine," an experiment in presenting the counterculture in mass market format. Contributors include Crumb, Moscoso, Ed. Sanders, Jim Morrison, Ted Berrigan and Tom Clark poetry, many of the key rock'n roll writers. 1st Ptg. of Nos. 1 & 2, 2nd Ptg. of no. 3, with black bar rather than black tape on front cover. $75


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