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Spoken Word / Soundtracks
BRUCE. Lenny. "I AM NOT A NUT, ELECT ME!" Fantasy Records 7007 [1960]. *** 2nd Pressing, on black vinyl, original inner sleeve. Liner notes by Ralph Gleason discuss Bruce's links to bebop and the Beats. Fine condition. $40

BRUCE. LENNY BRUCE--AMERICAN. Fantasy Records 7011 [1962]. *** 1st Pressing, on red vinyl, original inner sleeve. Bruce's fourth record has the "Airplane glue" track. Album cover has some partial splits. $30

BRUCE. RECORDING SUBMITTED AS EVIDENCE IN THE SAN FRANCISCO OBSCENITY TRIAL IN MARCH 1962. Hollywood: Bruce, n.d. [1962 or '63]. *** 10-inch LP recording of the actual performance at San Francisco's Jazz Workshop that resulted in the shamanic humorist's first obscenity bust, which he intended to play at his trial. Jacket has photo of Lenny dressed as a cop (later used in Stamp Help Out). Album cover edges partially split with evidence of scotch-tape repairs, disc near fine, original glassine inner sleeve chipped. Rare. $500

BURROUGHS, William S.; ANDERSON, Laurie; GIORNO, John. YOU'RE THE GUY I WANT TO SHARE MY MONEY WITH. Giorno Poetry Systems, 1981. *** Double LP record album in gatefold jacket with photos of the writers. Burroughs reads from Nova Express, Ah Pook Is Here, and Place of Dead Roads. $45


CHEECH & CHONG. BIG BAMBU. Ode Records, 1972.*** Album cover design is a replica of Bambu rolling papers, favored by marijuana smokers of that period. Complete with giant rolling paper (usually lacking) imprinted with the comedians' likenesses tucked in the flap, and original inner sleeve. Their second album and possibly their most successful, steeped in dope humor. $60

CHICAGO CONSPIRACY TRIAL. A Theatrical Arrangement of the Original Trial Transcripts Performed and Recorded Live by the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, 1979. Capitol Records, 1980. Double LP. The gatefold cover has three full-size photos of scenes from the production; the inner sleeves each have smaller photos and printed trial testimony from the defendants and their attorneys, plus a list of defense witness, including Ginsberg, Leary, Mailer, Styron and many counterculture entertainers. One of the most famous political trials of the 20th century. Sold together with the original publication of the text of the play in West Coast Plays (1980). $25

HAIGHT-ASHBURY IN THE SIXTIES. 1995. Double CD ROM set (runs on Windows or Mac). An interactive "rocumentary," produced by Allen Cohen, former publisher of the S.F. Oracle, with photos from the '60s, art from the Oracle, and music by the Dead, the Airplane, Big Brother. In original "stash box" designed by Alton Kelley. Now OP. Mint in orig. shrink-wrap.. $75

HEVY GUNZ: ROWND WUN. Wayzata, MN: Pandora Prods., 1970. *** Double LP record album in gatefold cover. 24 simulated radio spots dealing comically with marijuana smokers, dealers, narcs, etc. All original material written and performed by Tom Olson and the legendary acid band, Jook Savages. Never distributed through normal outlets and hence quite rare. $35

HUXLEY, Laura. RECIPES FOR LIVING AND LOVING. Volume 1. Columbia Records, n.d [c. 1961]. LP record written and spoken by Laura of material left out of her first book, You Are Not the Target. Bit of edge wear to album cover, old price label in upper corner. $50

IF YOU TURN ON... LA: KNXT, 1970. *** LP record with 8pp booklet attached inside gatefold sleeve. This "probing examination of drug usage by our youth" features interviews with youthful users and warnings about the dangers of illegal drugs. Based on a CBS television show, with stills. $40

KENT STATE. RCA, 1981. LP Record Album. *** Original Soundtrack, from the motion picture, with music by Grace Slick, Richie Havens, John Sebastian, and members of The Band. $15

LaMONT, Paul. PSYCHEDELIA. SF: Golden State Records, n.d. [late 1960s]. *** Musical compositions (Opus 1 and Opus 2) based on the author's impressions of the psychedelic experience and his travels to the "psychedelic centers"in the U.S and Europe. Very rare. $150

LEARY, Timothy. YOU CAN BE ANYONE THIS TIME AROUND. Douglas Records [1970]. *** LP record. Side A is a studio recording designed for tripping; side B is a live broadcast interview, with background music supplied by Jimi Hendrix and the Band of Gypsies. Gatefold cover designed by Kelley/ Mouse Studio. Original inner sleeve of psychedelic design present. Light cover wear, one lower edge partially split. $85

LSD. Capitol Records, n.d. [c. 1966-67]. *** LP record in gatefold jacket, featuring photographs by Lawrence Schiller from the Alpert-Cohen 1966 book of the same title. Subtitled "A Documentary Report on the Current Psychedelic Drug Controversy." Actual recording of people on acid and "the sounds of the Acid Test," along with the voices of Leary, Ginsberg, Laura Huxley and Sidney Cohen. Minor rubbing to cover, owner name in margin. $125

LSD: BATTLE FOR THE MIND. Narrated by Willard Cantelon. Glendale: Bible Voice, Inc., n.d.[c.1966-68]. *** LP record album. An anti-LSD, anti-Leary record, warning of the dangers of this "dark and terrifying national menace". Valuable for interviews with LSD users and freaky cover art. $75

PEEL, David & the Lower East Side. SANTA CLAUS ROOFTOP JUNKIE. NY: Orange Record Co., 1974. *** LP record album signed by David Peel. Probably the most outrageous album of drug songs (one entire side) from the radical band famous for Have a Marijuana and The Pope Smokes Dope. Cover art shows Santa as Death with hypodermic syringes. Rare. $65

SKIDOO. RCA Victor, 1968. LP record album, with 5 stills from the movie, in original inner sleeve. *** Original Soundtrack from the Otto Preminger film, one of the most bizarre LSD movies of the '60s. Jackie Gleason has an acid trip in prison, and meets God played by Groucho Marx. Music by Nillson. Preminger took LSD under Leary's guidance to prepare for this movie. Scarce album. $40

SWAGGART, Jimmy. WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT DRUGS. Baton Rouge: Jim Records, n.d. (probably 1970s). *** 16 rpm LP record, preached by the Christian evangelist at the Brightmoor Tabernacle in Detroit. Disk and album cover very fine. $50

WATTS. OM:THE SOUND OF HINDUISM. Warner Bros. 1773 [1964]. LP record album. Side A: Readings from Hindu Scripture; Side B: OM. $35


WILD IN THE STREETS. Tower, 1968. LP record album in gatefold jacket with numerous color stills from the American International Picture. *** One of the most famous youth movies of the '60s, in which teenagers win the right to vote, elect a 16-year-old rock star president; members of Congress are forced to take LSD (one track is titled 'Psychedelic Senate'--we wish!). Cast included Shelley Winters and Richard Pryor. $40


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